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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Hair REV, The Answer to Luscious Locks?

I have such a love hate relationship with my hair, after bleaching the ends of my hair to give me the ombre look and recently trimming and dying the remainder of it out my hair is back to my natural colour. I just feel like my hair isn't in the best condition, and all I want is nice luscious long hair- too much to ask? HairRev* is a supplement designed to help with healthy hair, and even encourage a bit of growth.

These little pills are bursting with vitamins, I never even realised there was so many different things which could help to contribute towards towards the health of your hair. This is available to buy in one month, two month and three month bundles (discount codes down below).  This container has 90 tablets, designed for a month so you are recommended to take three tablets a day. This seemed like a lot to me, but all the ingredients are vitamins, which are amazing for your body so there is nothing harmful or unnecessary in them.
When I started taking these I wasn't convinced how much of a difference they would make, but the improvement in my hair has been easy to see. I feel like my hair feels a lot healthier to touch, and is improving my issues with having dry hair. And therefore my hair is looking less frizzy, and fluffy and as I continue to use hair supplements I hope this will be something that continues to improve. What surprised me the most is the beginnings of improvement in hair growth, my hair grows but quite slowly and now I think that the pace is picking up slightly and as I continue to use these my hair (fingers crossed) will grow even more. The supplements can also help your skin, and nails as well as your hair. I haven't noticed a massive difference in my nails. I bite them currently (I am trying to stop), so the chances of seeing a difference is quite small. My skin however feels generally better, although I have changed my skincare routine up (post coming soon) so this may also be contributing to this.
I would honestly recommend this help the condition, and health of your hair with the added bonus of all the vitamins which alone is a lot healthier for your body. All the vitamins are designed to help hair, nails and skin so the way I look at it they can only do good in some way or another!
And if that hasn't convinced you that you need to give these a go I also have some discount codes for you, making the supplements even more affordable and a deal which shouldn't be missed!
Have you ever tried hair supplements? What are your healthy hair tricks?


  1. I'm always so skeptical about these sorts of products, but it really is hard to argue with the results!
    Jodie xo // Jodie Loue

    1. I know so was I, but now I've tried it I want to try loads! xx


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