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Monday, 22 June 2015

OT Gets Fit: The Begining

The amount of times which I have said this and its never really got anywhere. I've seen no results and given up, or I have seen results but what I've been doing to achieve these results was simply a quick fix and not something which I can keep up. This time I'm determined its going to be different, I'm going to blog it. This way I'm tied into it, but can also help any of you who are trying to do that same thing. I'm not going to make an actual schedule for how often I will post fitness posts, but its going to be and on going thing so keep a look out.
I am in no way a fitness blogger, or any kind of expert not to be cliche but I'm just an average girl so although what I say may not be what the professionals say, its from my personal experience and what I find personally works for me. I will be documenting my journey in a way, while sharing tips and routines which I use.
I am a huge believer in trying to be body confident, and loving yourself however as a person I am very self confident and just am not willing to embrace the fact that I could loose weight but at the moment am not. If your not happy with something and you can change it, then change it. I don't think there should be pressure to be a specific size, weight, shape set by society that's something which you should set for yourself.
I don't want to be super skinny, I want to be slim but fit. I don't have a specific weight aim, but this might be something that I might decide to do. For now I am just aiming to feel confident in the way I look, and being able to feel like I can wear the clothes which I want to wear.
So there's a little introduction and I will be getting into posting whenever I feel like I need to update, as well as sharing other fitness related things.



  1. Good luck with it!

    Harriet Rosie |

  2. I really want to get fit too although I find it hard to stick with it when I have no motivation here at uni with me. I'm hoping I will get fitter whilst I'm at home for summer over July, August and September which will make it easier for me to keep it up when I am back here.

    Best of luck, x

    1. That'll be good, keep checking back and there will be some more motivation and ideas in upcoming posts.
      Ottilie xx

  3. I might need to do a series like these on my blog. It is like an extra motivation to keep up with it all. I bought a jumping rope the other day and it is such a fun way to get fit!

  4. Good luck! Keep us updated! I'm exactly the same but I've just accepted that My relationship with chocolate is stronger than exercise haha!

  5. Looking forward to these posts! Good luck! x

  6. Looking forward to seeing how you get on! I'm trying to get fit, too! It's so hard though!


  7. Recently wrote a post myself about getting back into a fitness regime. Its really tough! I believe in you though! Can't wait to see updates <3
    - Allegra

  8. Good luck, I keep meaning to exercise for the same reasons as you to get fit but honestly it bores me! I need to find ways to make it fun.



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