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Saturday, 22 August 2015

1000 Followers Giveaway|| Beauty Bundle worth over £50

1000 of you guys! That's crazy, and has always been a goal of mine which seemed like it would take forever to get to. I absolutely love blogging and I know there are loads of people out there with thousands more followers, but I can't believe that people actually want to read about what I ramble on about here. So of course as promised I have put together a giveaway for you all. It's a selection of products which I love myself worth over £50! I also have been collecting a few more bits than what is pictured, and I will keep adding to it before the end of the giveaway. I hope you like what I have chosen, I wasn't sure what to get but a few of you gave me suggestions and I just went from there!

Rules and How to Enter
1. To be in with a chance of winning enter via the Rafflecopter Widget Below
2. Anyone entering with multiple accounts will be disqualified
3.This giveaway is for anyone residents, however please state which country you are from on the widget so I will know if I have to alter the prize to fit shipping policies.
4. This giveaway will run from 22th August 2015 till 30th September 2015.
5. Once the winner is chosen I will tweet but also email them and they must reply within 48 hours others a new winner will be chosen.
6. You must be 16 or over and if your not then have your parents permission because I will need an address to send the prize too.
7. Once the winner is randomly picked via rafflecopter I will send the package and hold no responsibility if it is lost or damaged in the post but I will try and ensure this doesn't happen!
8. Anyone who unfollows after the giveaway wont be able to enter any more, this is as a thank you for my followers so if that's what your planning on do don't enter!

Complete the Rafflecopter entry below, the mandatory entries are to follow me on twitter, bloglovin and instagram. If you don't have any of these social media you can still enter where it says bloglovin name or twitter name then please put that you don't have it. To win though you must be following me on a least one of these social media.
You can tweet about the giveaway once each day so come back to this post and put your email it and it will say what you've completed and will allow you to do this again.
Once you have completed all the Mandatory entries you can unlock more which will gain you more entries.
The image which you will need to repost will be on instagram and is the same as the image in this post, please use the hashtag #OttilieGiveaway and make sure you also tag me @oisforottilie you may do this as many times as you like.
If you have any problems leave me a comment or email/ tweet me
a Rafflecopter giveaway



  1. Such a lovely giveaway! Congrats on the 1000 followers.

  2. Love beauty and makeup posts

  3. i like favorites and not so favorites posts. also i like to see if the products that are now famous are they worth the hype? are they worth the purchase? like these. hope these are helpful!
    also. congrats :)

  4. I'm obsessed with tanning so I love all your tanning posts & reviews :)

  5. Such a lush giveaway! I've entered :) xox

  6. Amazing giveaway! Congratulations on 1000 followers ♥}
    Neesha | Reinventing Neesha

  7. Firsty, CONGRATS!! secondly, id love to see a celeb inspired makeup product haul/items from a photo, can be Drugstore or higher end / both. And also Hauls, Empties & Monthly Favourites! (That just gave me an ide, we could do a post collaboration if you want! It would be cool i think?)

    Nat x |

  8. I like a lifestyle post with homeward to match the season & new make-up reviews

  9. This is such a lovely giveaway! I love makeup review posts :)

    Sarah |

  10. Thank u for ur fab blogs and lovely comp. I love makeup reviews as I often buy on impulse and make bad choices!!so its really good to read if a product is any good before I buyxxxxx

  11. My favourite type of posts are OOTD's. I just love to see other people fashion styles and where they've found their pieces :) I think I'd like to see those on your blog x
    btw, I'd love to follow you on youtube, but your link doesn't work in the rafflecopter :(

  12. Congrats on 1000 followers! I love reading your makeup reviews.
    - Emily from ♡

  13. I love reading beauty reviews and particularly like budget beauty

  14. Congratulations on 1000 followers, hope your momentum continues :) xx

  15. I like reading reviews of new products, a mix of drugstore and high end and dupes for popular high end products :)

    Just Little Things xo

  16. I like reading about comparison posts an expensive/budget product and how they compare are they worth their value etc.

    Well done on reaching 1000 followers!

  17. I like a combination of lifestyle, fashion and beauty posts...i don't like generic, impersonal review posts
    congrats on your milestone xx

  18. An amazing giveaway once again, love your posts...fingers crossed hehe x

  19. I like giveaways & lifesyle type posts!

  20. Congrats! I love giveaways and beauty haul posts

  21. Great giveaway. I love reading about beauty hauls or recent bargain finds.

  22. Hi Ottilie, pretty name btw ^_^ I love honest and lifestyle posts, I'd love more of them.

    Wendy Xx

  23. Posts about you, your loves and hates, but what you do now is good. love the reviews.

  24. I like beauty tips posts.

  25. My favourite posts are low cost how - to info and reviews. I also love competitions and quizzes.

  26. I love beauty posts, especially rare beauty finds - and super especially if they're cheap :P


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