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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Things To Do On Magnetic Island

On my recent trip to Queensland, I took a ferry across to Magnetic Island and stayed at a Base hostel there for a few days, giving us plenty of time to explore the island, enjoy the beautiful beaches and soak up the sun. The island isn't actually that big, and I wouldn't say you need a massive amount of time there but it depends what type of holiday your looking at.

Base have an amazing hostel there, one which I would highly recommend. The accommodation was clean, and well air conditioned all in little cabins with shared rooms of six and eight, private double rooms are also available. Right on the beach front, with a pool and a good social life each night if your wanting a predominantly sunbathing kinda holiday you could stay here and be able to do just that, with entertainment each evening as well as having the option of doing more adventurous things around the island.

1. Hire a topless car, aka a barbie car. The island isn't all too big, and does have a bus system. But why restrict yourself to a bus timetable, when you can hire a fun, open top car for 100 bucks, shared between 4 that's $25 each! This meant that we could make the most out of our day, going the whole way around the island, speeding a long to loads of different beaches and having the freedom to be able to do what we wanted when we wanted.

2. Hold a koala, how can you come to Australia and not hold a Koala. The animal sanctury on Magentic, which also happens to be a hostel is pretty impressive. You get to touch, and hold a huge range of animals as well as (for an extra cost) hold and have a photo with a koala. Usually I avoid these kinda things, I don't like paying for photos but I was very desperate to hold a koala. It was well worth it, not only was it the cutest thing, so cuddly and I legit never wanted to let go of it. They let you hold the koala for a good amount of time, and gave you a chance to allow your friends to take photos too so I'm not stuck with one slighly sweaty photo, but a whole load to choose from.

3. Snorkle, both of the hostels offer free or low cost snorkle hire, so you can't miss this opportunity to see a beautiful selection of wildlife, and coral all in its natural habbitat. I would highly reccomend stinger suits, I never went snorkelling without them as the risk of being stung was just not worth it for me.

4. The Forts Walk, or any walk. Its such a beautiful island you need to get out and see as much of it as possible. We started the Forts Walk, thinking we were going somewhere else and didn't end up completing it however it is seen as one of the best walks on the island so if your going to do one, do this one.

5. Arthur Bay Lookout, if your not worn out from doing the forts walk you can easily get to this lookout by going down the other, slightly steeper track. Well worth the very steep walk, both up and down.

6. Enjoy the most beautiful beaches. Magnetic Island has so many beautiful beaches, so take the time to enjoy the beautiful views, blue sea and white sand. Take a picnic, and enjoy the entire day at the beach soaking up the sun.


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