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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Travelling For Less

Travelling is something I think everyone aspires to do as much of as possible, personally now I started I don't particularly want to stop and I know when I get home I will be itching to start planning a new trip as soon as possible. At the moment I am on a very tight budget, and I know when I home even more so combined with the fact I love a bargain, I have picked up a few tips on how to go on some amazing adventures, see amazing places and meet some amazing people on a budget.

Shop The Deals

There are so many deal websites out their, so make the most of them and shop around. If your a student or under 26, check STA for flights they can offer great deals and plan your route if your going to multiple countries. Groupon offer a whole range of different deals, which often include flights and hotels for some amazing prices. If your looking for something last minute, and aren't too fussy about where you land check out lastminute.comSky scanner is another great one for flights, and again often have special deals.

Be Picky With Dates

If your not bound to school holidays for travel, ensure that you avoiding travelling in the school holidays as this is where travel companies increase their prices in order to cash in on all the families trying to get away. Fly on weird dates, and through trial and error jog your dates around and see what you can find. Flying during the week, at inconvenient times rather than mid morning on the weekend is usually cheaper.

Be Creative with Accommodation

Hostels, are the obvious for young travellers and I am yet to have a bad hostel experience with all of the places I have stayed in so far being clean, well kept and air conditioned. It's the best way too meet new people, and if you really want to stick to a tight budget most hotels offer rooms in exchange for work- usually which is some housework for a set amount of hours, not too bad and a great way to save. House sitting, why have I never thought of this before? There are a lot of websites set up to find house sitters, another chance to get free accommodation in some amazing places in exchange for watering a few plants.

All Inclusive

Depending on the type of holiday you are looking for, all inclusive can be ideal. The idea being that everything, your accommodation, flights and meals are paid for before you even leave the country and therefore, once paid off you know there will be no added expenses apart from perhaps the odd bit of spending money. You can get some great deals as well, if your looking to soak up the sun but not do too much exploring check out for some amazing deals.

Hopefully these tips will help you get away for less, I have lots more tips and money saving tips coming your way.

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  1. Awesome blog post! Traveling at different times I found to get good deals. It can be a challenge avoiding the school holidays but that we're all the deals are :)


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