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Monday, 21 August 2017

Perth Food and Drink Guide

On my travels around Perth I came across a selection of amazing places to eat and drink, although sadly I didn't get to try them all I made a note of the ones which looked especially cool incase I had an opportunity to return, and so I could share my best finds on here. A small list of places well worth a visit while you are in Perth.

Sneaky Tony's
A secret bar, hidden down a back street in Northbridge. On arrival you are required to say the password (found on their Facebook/ Instagram page) to gain entry. You will take a step back in time, into this rum bar designed to replicate the illegal drinking dens of the American Prohibition, its an experience you can't miss. With over 260 different types of rum, a selection of cocktail along with beer, and wine there is something for everyone.

Frisk Small Bar
If gin is your go to drink, then head straight down here. A gin bar with 187 types to choose from you are spoiled for choice, however no worries if gin is not your thing they also have a range of craft beer and cider. They hold special events every so often, so keep an eye out for these.

Alfred's Pizzeria
Another slightly hard to spot small pizzeria and bar. Enter through a door, designed like a classic English Telephone Box, if you look up you will see the sign pointing you in the right direction. An underground bar, selling the most amazing pizza, cocktails and a night of rock and roll.

Flora and Fauna
An incredible vegan cafe, selling the most amazing brunch dishes. Despite being vegan, they have the option to add eggs and cheese to certain dishes, which is perfect for anyone who isn't vegan. The food is all prepared fresh, from a tiny kitchen and presented beautifully. They also sell cakes and biscuits, along with freshly ground coffee, and pressed juices.

Varsity Burgers
If you are after American style burgers, this is the place to go. A whole in the wall ordering system, with inside and outside seating. The basic cheeseburger starts at $10, with an whole range of different burgers, sides and sauces to choose from.

The place to go if you are wanting to try a Freakshake, or just want some devious all day brunch options. Everything from avocado on toast, to a loaded tim tam and coco pop freak shake.

Toastface Grillah
Selling the best toasted sandwiches in Perth, this is tucked away down a side street and sells a range of toasted sandwiches starting at $5. With a huge mural outside, you'll know when you've found it!



  1. This is perfect! I'm going to Perth next year with the BF and his family. I'm a huge foodie so this is really helpful :)
    Steph x.

    1. You'll have the best time! I would highly recommend checking out as many of the little hidden away food places as possible, there are a lot- as well as rooftop bars etc which I loved going to.

      Ottilie xx


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