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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Choosing The Perfect Hostel

Hostels are all park of the backpacker lifestyle. I nearly always stay in hostels, and as of yet (touch wood) have no had a bad experience. They may be cheap, but they can be so beautiful in amazing locations, the photo above is of the Base Hostel on Magnetic Island, Australia. They are the perfect place to meet loads of people, all who are in similar positions. There are so many hostels to choose from, its worth doing a tiny bit of research rather than booking yourself into the cheapest option and hoping for the best.

Location is key, you will however most likely pay more for a hostel more in the centre of a city so check out what the public transport is like and if getting a slightly cheaper hostel further out would be more worthwhile.

I love meeting new people in hostels, so choosing a hostel which has a common area, communal kitchen and  good social scene is key. Lots of hostels have bars attached to them, which is even better! Look out for any organised events they have on, some hostels host BBQs or film nights for their guest and these are an even better way to meet people.

The extras, I always try and book into a hostel which offers free wifi to its guests- although this is not essential it is nice to have while travelling and can make life a lot easier. A long with this, a hostel which offers a free breakfast thats at a convenient time can save you some money (if breakfast runs from 7-8 that is pretty useless though as no one is up!). Along with later check out times, no one wants to be up and packed by 9 to vacate your hostel room. Look for a checkout around 11.

Look at the photos, even though they may not be the exact room in which your staying in they will give you a vague idea. Check out if the bathrooms are attached to the bedroom or big communal ones for multiple rooms. Also look out for lockers, somewhere to store all your belongings safely.

Hostels have a variety of rooms available, and it is down to personal preference if you want a mixed or single sex dorm, and of what size. As a general rule, the biggest mixed room will give you maximum opportunity for socialising but in term will have the most disruptions and less chance of a good nights sleep, so it depends what your after. 

The easiest way too book and compare hostels is on Hostel World, Hostel Bookers or YHA (if you specifically want to stay in YHA hostels or are a member)

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