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Sunday, 17 May 2015

For All My Eternity Tan & Tone* and Tan Saving Shower Gel*

 Tanning is becoming more of a regular thing for me. No longer am I only tanning the bits you can see for a night out, but doing a full body tan just for being tanned. So to go along with my new found love of tanning, is also my new found interest in trying as many tans as I can. For All My Eternity, are an amazing tanning brand who have given me the opportunity to try a couple of their products which I am so excited to have added to my ever growing collection.

 For All My Eternity is an amazing tanning brand, why haven't I heard many people talking about it? Their range of products is just amazing, every variation of tan you can imagine so there will be something for everyone.
First up is the Tan and Tone Lotion*, £24.99, described on the website as a self tanning lotion which comes loaded with moisturisers and plant extracts to help improve skin's tone and texture whilst turning your skin the perfect shade of sun-kissed, golden brown. I have been loving using this product, its not tinted when you apply it so its just like applying a moisturier I still use a mitt though to ensure an even coverage and that I don't over tan my hands. The fact is doesn't have a colour is also great because there is no staining of sheets or clothing, meaning you can put your tan on whenever and nobody will know that you waiting for it to develop. I like to leave it on overnight, but 8 hours is what's recommended. It contains co-enzyme Q10 which helps to tighten and tone, horse chestnut to boost circulation and loads of other products which leave you skin moisturised as well as tanned. This is something that I have been loving because I often find that all the tanning and exfoliating you have to do can leave my skin feeling very dry. I love this tan, so easy to apply and leaves your skin feeling and looking amazing as of course, lovely and bronzed. No streaks, no over powering scent its just incredible! It's just the right colour for me, nothing too crazy and good for everyday wear. I also love the pump bottle- makes it so easy to use when applying.

Who doesn't want to try and extend the wear of their tan? Well the Tan Saving Shower Gel*, £12.99, is the product for you. It really does prolong the wear of your tan, and keeps your skin feeling nourished and hydrated. The reason this shower gel works so amazingly is because of the pH balance, which is just so that it doesn't strip the skin of natural oils which helps to protect the tan from fading. It has a lovely fresh scent, making it so lovely to use and it works so well as a shower gel as well. It's not something I really thought I would need, but once you have it, you realise that you need it. Having you tan last just that bit extra is fab, because we all know removing and replying tan is just so much of an effort.

I am loving using both of these products, if these aren't your ideal tanning products then check out the For All My Eternity website because they have masses for you too choose from!

Have you tried any tans from For All My Eternity? What is your favourite tan?

Also, super quickly, I am going to be starting a tanning series please leave any requests or suggests for things you would like to see in this, I have loads of ideas already and so excited to get started on it.


  1. The tan saving shower gel sounds amazing! I've always had shampoos that help hair dye from fading so why haven't I thought about something similar for my fake tan haha! xo

    1. Its such a life saver, makes my tan last much longer! I know, I'm surprised that there isn't more of these type products xx

  2. Sounds amazing! Anything to help my tan last longer sounds perfect! x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  3. These products sound absolutely amazing, and I adore the packaging!
    I've never heard of this brand/make before but now I really want to try these products out too!

    1. Neither had I, but the range of products is amazing! Such lovely packaging, and so practical too xx

  4. The tanning lotion sounds fab, I love that it's colourless - I bet it makes your skin feel amazing as well!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  5. Never heard of this brand before but I think it's so interesting that it is colourless! How gorgeous is the packaging?! Love your blog Ottilie, I have a friend with your name haha! x

    1. Ooh really, I only know a couple of people with my name! It's not completely colourless, its just white. xx

  6. ooh i like the sound of these!

    from helen at

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