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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

So...? NYC*

I have such strong memories of this brand from when I was younger, collecting the body sprays. So...? In Love was always a popular one with my sister and I. Now So...? is back with a whole new range, So...? Couture.
This range contains 4 fragrances, So...? London, So...? NYC, So...? Paris, and So...? Rio. All with distinctive different scents, in both a body fragrance and eau de toilette form. I was kindly sent So...? NYC* which is described as a fresh, assertive scent, supreme for making a big city statement. I love the ombred effect on all of the bottles, and for NYC I think the pink and blue look great together. So..? NYC has top notes of lychee, peach and violet. Hear notes of orange flower, jasmine and rose. Base notes of patchouli, cedarwood and praline. I'm not exactly an expert when it fragrance, but all I do know is that these scents all together smell amazing. It's quite sweet but not over powering or sickly sweet and not overly zesty, oh gosh I really didn't realise how hard it is to describe a scent. Basically it smells really good, and having it in both a body fragrance and eau de toilette means that you can carry your body spray around in your bag and top up your scent throughout the day. If this scent doesn't sound like the thing for you then there are three others in the range so you are bound to find one to suit you preference.
Have you tried any of these So...? Couture scents? What's your favourite scent?


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