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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Weightloss with Forza

 Weightloss, meal replacement products seem to be everywhere with everyone wanting to get that 'summer body'. I am quite skeptical, as I don't truly believe in completely replacing meals however I am willing to give everything a go. Personally I wouldn't replace any meal other than breakfast, because I believe that eating a healthy balanced diet is the best thing for you, and no shake can be better than that. However breakfast is one of those meals, where it is easier to go for something that is a meal replacement and not feel like your missing out on some kind of delicious food.
Forza have a lot to offer in terms of products to aid weightless, however for meal replacement they have their Stir It Slim a new product which is basically a delicious hot drink designed to fill you up. High in protein and contains 22 different vitamins and minerals. It is essential to remember that for healthy sustainable weightless you need to pair products such as this with a healthy diet and exercise, this alone won't shift the pounds. I loved having this for breakfast, super filling and a hot drink was something that I would usually have so it made no difference, apart form skipping the cereal. Pre workout as well this gave me enough energy, and didn't leave me with that empty feeling. Perfect if your in a rush, as its so simple to make and tastes real good. I have the hot chocolate flavour, but you can also get latte and caramel latte flavour.

Shake It Slim, its more of a classic meal replacement shake. Containing 22 vitamins and minerals, a whole load of protein and minimal calories it is designed to be drunk for one meal a day for weight management and twice a day for weight loss. However as you know I do not like to replace more than one meal a day, regardless of the fact I am trying to loose weight. Available in vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. I find these fill me up initially but I do tend to get a bit peckish afterwards. So what I have been doing is having a tiny breakfast, such as a small bowl of cereals and then going to the gym and making a shake when I come back to be like the full breakfast and to have the protein intake after the workout. Making them gains (jks). Alternatively if you do find that this is not enough to fill you up, instead of snacking why not bulk it out. Add in a banana, or some frozen red fruit just too thicken it up, add a twist and you still are getting all the benefits from the shake.

Despite being a bit skeptical about meal replacements, using them for breakfast works wonders for me. However I just love food too much to give up two meals a day. If you are looking to try some weightloss meal replacement, I would recommend you check out Forza as they have a huge range, taste delicious and are affordable. What's not to love? One thing which I was so pleasantly surprised by was just how good they taste, if your someone trying to cut out sugar or chocolate having the chocolate flavoured products are my favourite and would cure your cravings no problem.

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