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Friday, 29 July 2016

The Lipstick Tour

Hello, I'm Ottilie and I have a lipstick addiction. I mean, who doesn't? Don't be alarmed but this isn't all of it, these are my most used lipsticks mixed in with lipsticks that fitted and filled the gap, making my acrylic drawers extra pretty.
I've had this storage for a long time, but its kinda hard to fill. Theres that pressure of wanting to fill it up, and keep it look ascetically pleasing. Oh the struggle is real. As you can see I finally decided on lip products, as this is a good way to display them. Making it easy to locate certain shades, and keeping the products you love most easy to find. My little drawer unit has, two drawers on the top which are smaller and then two full sized drawers.
I like to keep brands together, and that is partially how the chosen lipsticks were, well, chosen. In the top left drawer I have my three apocolips along with a couple of Lancome glosses. In all honestly I don't use these a huge amount, especially the apocolips because I prefer matte liquid lipsticks.
You guys know how much I love Topshop Beauty so I had to keep my lip bullets together, my favourite is Duvet Days which is a beautiful nude. Alongside those are two collection lip butters, which I have hardly worn and should really get some more used out of but the are quite bold colours, and not like the shades I naturally attract too.
I love my mini Kat Von D lipsticks, a little bit too much because they are just so cute, who doesn't love a mini lipstick. Alongside the limited edition Gold Blooded lipstick in the white packaging, I am Kat Von D lipstick obsessed I just wish they were easier to get hold of. I need those liquid lipsticks. Topshop are an affordable brand who really bring it when it comes to lipstick, not quite as extensive as MAC but the more affordable price tag makes up for that. Of course my beloved Marc Jacobs lipstick, and my most prized possession Tom Ford Smoke Red Lipstick. Slotted into the back are my two NARS mini lip pencils which I got as my birthday gift from Sephora alongside a mini Clinique Lip Pop.
I went through a stage of being obsessed with the Maybelline Color Drama Lip Pencils, well I am still obsessed. I do own them all, so of course wanted to keep them together. The beautiful Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect had to feature, how are all her lipsticks just so beautiful? The last few items are slightly random, as I needed to keep the draw full so things don't just slip about, so I slipped in two Topshop Sheer Lipsticks and these pencil gloss sets from French Connection, very random.
What would you include in your lipstick picks?

Have you seen SaySallyMay blog? I'm obsessed

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  1. Wow, you have so many! I need to try some from TopShop for sure, I love nudes too so will have to check out Duvet Days xxx

    AlLittleKiran | Bloglovin


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