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Sunday, 17 July 2016

The New Normal

So, this is the view I wake up to every. single. day now. Pretty sick right? I now live in Sydney in what they proclaim to be the worst accommodation with the best view, and to be honest the accommodation could be worse, so much worse but the view is nothing less that amazing. This is my new home, my new normal.

But how can I make this view the norm, how? I'm living in amongst some of the most expensive houses with one of the best views of both the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Your told to appreciate every single day, and value everything around you and be thankful for what you have and I have really come to realise this, I will wake up each morning, open the blind and realise just how lucky I am to be in this position, with a view like no other. I want to appreciate its beauty daily.
Sydney is a city like no other, and without an Aussie sim and very poor wifi, poor is an understatement we seem to have spent the last couple of days aimlessly wandering. But it wasn't completely pointless because we have worked out how the public transport works, seen the opera house and got a rough feel for where things are. They have these birds called Ibis Birds, which are literally the pigeons of Sydney but they are big, they seem so out of place in a city of high rise concentre buildings, then these birds with long beaks stalking around the place. Its weird, but something to get used to.
I know, most of you haven't just moved to a new city, or living somewhere with just the same view however where ever your living there will be something beautiful, maybe you just not seeing it any more. Find something each day which you can appreciate, find the beauty in whats around you.
I am so genuinely happy to be here, with this opportunity and the chance to travel so much. I haven't taken my big camera out yet, so haven't got any proper photos just all taken on my phone. I will take my big camera out, and get some more structured blog posts. I haven't edited these photos, and I haven't planned this post, it literally is just my thoughts. I want to share my travels with you but also document it for myself. I want a mix of these very relaxed, chatty whatever comes into my head posts, and more structured posts as well as some beauty posts dotted throughout them.

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  1. Oh wow. What a great view. You're so lucky! x x


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