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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Adding Colour Into Your Makeup

Back home in England, summer is in full swing. Down under in Sydney its a slightly different story, that sunny hot beautiful country that you dream all about does have a slightly cooler, grey, rained filled days side to it to. Winter does still exist here. Regardless of if your in summer, winter or any other season, you can always find an opportunity to mix a pop of colour into your makeup. The easiest way of course being with a bright nail polish, like this amazing striking blue from Maggie Anne. Or a slightly more simple, subtle way by using Dr Paw Paw tinted lip balm- an essential in my makeup bag.

Using coloured eyeshadows may seem daunting, and I get it you do always run this risk of looking like you've got a serious case of pink eye or been in a violent fight leaving you with two bruised eyes. Running a bright colour along the lower lash line can be a way to inject that bit of colour without it being too blown out and smokey, or just going for it with the bright colour on your lid, making sure you blend it and keep it neat apply small amounts at a time. If your wanting to give some new colours a go, try Makeup Geek Shadows so affordable and amazing quality. I love bright blues and purples.
Nail Polish is such a simple way, Maggie Anne have a huge range of bright colours and I also included this Marc Jacobs nail polish for a beautiful pink shade. Maggie Anne Nail polishes are amazing quality, last for ages and have a gel like finish perfect for summer and keeping your mani and pedi looking high quality but for half the price of a professional manicure.
If you feel like bright shadows may be a bit much, perhaps opting for a coloured eyeliner might be easier. You can go for slightly darker more 'normal' shades such as this beautiful forest green and plum shade form Pixi. Makeup Geek also do a huge range of coloured liners.
Lipstick, of course the obvious one. Maybe one for the slightly more faint hearted of you as this is so easy to wear. You could go for a matte, bold shade or a glossy sheer wash of colour in whatever shade you desire. Maybe try a bright pink, or a classic red. Feeling bold? Then go for an orange, or even a purple.
Dr Paw Paw has been one of my favourite brands since I was first lucky enough to try them, I always have one in my pocked and I love having these larger sizes but they are also available in smaller more pocket friend sized tubes also. Now available in Superdrug, they come in multiple different shades so why not give this tinted peach colour a go to add a simple and soft colour to the lips?

How will you be injecting colour into your makeup this season?

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  1. I loved bright colored eye looks, but I understand that they can be sort of daunting. A good bright liner on the lower lash line is a good place to start.


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