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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Update, Advertising & EXCITING NEWS

What an amazing way to start May, I'm actually starting to think that Spring is finally here and Summer is well on its way but I'm not counting on it. I have a crazy couple of weeks, and have a few more very busy weeks before I'm finished with school and all the stuff that goes with it. Roll on 20th May.
On the 20th May, I officially finish school. Unfortunately I have exams before then and of course after but one month on and I'll be done FOREVER. It is literally insane, and one of the weirdest things. Something that whether you love it or hate it has been such a huge part of your life since you were five, is suddenly gone.
I wrote this post about being able to do anything, and I finally have a plan. I'm going to Australia in July, for an entire year! asdfghj I cannot contain my excitement, be expecting to see loads of travel posts, tips on saving etc. A year is a long time, I am a tiny bit scared and apprehensive leaving my friends and family for  a year- but it's not forever and I'm sure its going to be one of the best things I've done yet.
I have so many plans and ideas for my blog, and as much as I wanted to do them all I am trying to revise desperately as well as working as much as possible to contribute towards my savings in preparation for Australia.
A new addition to the blog is I am now offering advertising, please check out this page for more details. But I am offering three packages, gold, silver bronze varying from £4-£10 which are all great value for money, and I currently am offering three months for the price of two. Do not hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions.

What a random post? I just fancied a chat, and a catch up. I may have a little swimwear wishlist coming later, naturally since finding out about Australia I have been lusting over swimwear.

Remember to check out this Months Gold Advertiser Sinead and her blog Love Yourself Beauty.



  1. Ahh so many exciting things on the horizon for you! Definitely looking forward to seeing more travel-related content from you!

    SinĂ©ad ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  2. How exciting! Australia will be amazing. I can't wait to see your Instagrams

  3. Good luck with your exams. It's really exciting that you're going to Australia! Well done :) x x


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