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Sunday, 16 July 2017

New and Improved

So I've been blogging for over three years now, which is crazy. I started this blog one Christmas after watching endless YouTube videos on cold evenings snuggled in bed. I discovered the likes of Tanya and Zoe. But also people like ChloĆ« Morton, Emily Canham and they are who inspired to start this blog. 
I realised I love makeup, I wanted to be apart of this community so as well as reading and watching, I started writing and sharing my own content and people started engaging. I have never found a passion like blogging, something that I felt like I could do but something that I also could develop and improve. Constantly wanting to make it better, produce more content of a higher quality. 
When I came to Australia nearly a year ago, posts began to fizzle out. I felt less inspired to write about makeup, I didn't find the time and so I stopped. Despite this my blog has always been important to me, always on my mind and something I was not going to give up on. So, I'm relaunching it. I'm starting over, and am going to reignite my passion but with a new twist. I always intended that O is for Ottilie would change and develop as I changed and developed, so after this year away its time for a big change.
Loads more travel posts, I've travelled round a lot of Australia, captured loads of memories which I cannot wait to share, tips and tricks I've picked up on the way. I've found a new passion, or hobby in travelling and discovering the world and it's something I want to share, to write about and promote. 
I want content to be regular but not forced, I haven't earnt a penny from this blog so I'm not about to fund non stop trips across the globe just for new content. There will be times when I'm not travelling and therefore will not have new travel posts to share, and if I'm perfectly honest who knows what I'm going to write about. Maybe when I go home, and get reunited with my ridiculously oversized makeup collection that passion will once again begin but right now I hardly wear makeup, so how can I talk about it, test it or share it. A little part of me does miss it though, so the keep a balance, I will continue with beauty posts just expect a little more variety. There really will be something for everyone. 
I named my blog O is for Ottilie to allow myself to be myself on my blog, talk about whatever I wanted, and therefore change was inevitable. But change is exciting, and sometimes just what you need. 

It's been a long time since I posted, so here goes to a fresh start and hopefully another few years of O is for Ottilie. 

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  1. all the best with keeping up with blogging! i've always taken a very laid back approach to updating my blog and have never tried to stick to a schedule because i think it becomes forced and fake. i think it's best to blog as and when it suits.

    looking forward to seeing more posts!

    katie xx

    1. Thank you, I agree- I don't want it to ever be a burden and not enjoy doing it!

      Ottilie xx

  2. Good luck for the future of O is for Ottilie! Look forward to seeing what you have planned for the future. x x

    1. Thank you, there is a lot of exciting things happening!

      Ottilie xx


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