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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Ways Solo Travel Changed Me

I am a strong believer that everyone should travel solo at least once, travelling with friends has a massive appeal and is incredible fun. However solo travel enriches you on a deeper level, you learn lessons about yourself which you would of never discovered.

Solo travelled proved to myself of just how much I am capable of, if you had told me a year ago I would be travelling Australia alone for the most part, I would not even be able to comprehend that little stressed, anxiety consumed me was even capable of attending a party surrounded by mates let alone putting myself out there to the big world wide in my pure venerable state. I have been able to handle everything that was thrown at me, by myself, come up with solutions to every problem and this a irreplaceable quality.

I learnt what was important to me, what made me truly happy and what my priorities in life are. I felt truly content, and so very happy with where I was and what I was doing. I just wanted to see more, do more and soak up more of this amazing country. I realised that happiness is something you should endeavour to discover in everything you do, life is way too short not too.

The importance of my family, and true friends became very apparent. Although I often wished they were experiencing things with me, it made me appreciate them even more. I realised just how lucky I am to have a family that supports every single decision I make, regardless of what they think of it. I have friends who have stuck with me, taken interest in everything I've been doing despite the time difference. My friends and family are all so busy living their own lives, but they still had time to take an active interest in mine and for that I am eternally grateful.

I learnt that comparison really is the thief of joy. To enjoy what I was doing, being inspired what others were doing, but not let anyone else's pictures or stories make mine seem any less impressive. I mean I left school, came to Australia, travelled and worked for 12 months and had the time of my life, nobodies adventures could compare to what I've experienced, the memories, the lessons I've learnt. They are all mine, and mine only.

I learnt true independence, something which I had never experienced before. Not only could I do whatever I want, with no one stopping me, I was also completely responsible for myself, for my safety and for my adventures. Nobody was going to stop me partying till the sunrises, but nobody was going to pick me up and tuck me up into bed while I nurse my hangover either.

The list could go on and on, solo travel teaches you so much and you will come back a completely different person than when you left. 

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  1. I would seriously freak out!! Thanks for these tips

    Beauty Candy Loves

    1. It is so amazing, I would recommend it to anyone!

      Ottilie x

  2. I'd love to travel alone, but the thought of it makes me so so anxious!! You're a brave girl x

    Abi | abistreetx

    1. It used to make me so anxious as well, but I actually loved it so much which initially surprised me and now I would recommend it to everyone!

      Ottilie x

  3. Loved reading this as I desperately want to go travelling after Y13 as I think I would go solo, but it seems kind of scary!

    1. You 100% should go, it'll be the best thing which you do! Don't let the idea scare you because in reality you are never actually alone, there are always other people around and to meet, and you may end up travelling with them for a while before going on somewhere else etc.

      Ottilie xx


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