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Monday, 29 December 2014

Real Techniques Powder Brush || REVIEW

 I have wanted this Powder Brush for ages, I love Real Techniques brushes and I have two of the collections so I thought it was time that I picked up some of the singular brushes. I have loads of brushes which claim to be powder brushes but none like this one, this is a different shape and altogether completely different which I think is why I love it so much.

All of the Real Technqiues brushes are cruelty free and use synthetic bristles which is something which I love, I prefer synthetic brushes to any other and I like to support companies who are cruelty free. When I first started using makeup I thought that Real Techniques brushes were quite expensive but since then I have realised that they are actually so affordable compared to most brushes. Little all the complexion brushes the powder brush comes with the gold handle and rubberised bottom. The brushes which are sold singularly do stand on their own which is a nice touch but not something I make use of very often. It is very densely packed, so not flimsy but doesn't apply too much powder. I find it really hard to make the powder look cakey using this brush and it has just the right shape and density to be able to apply powder all over you face quickly or just in certain places. Most of the powder brushes I have used involve sweeping the powder across your face but with this brush you can press it on so avoiding moving all the foundation around. You can also use this for bronzer if you wanted and it blends the products really well. It also dries surprisingly quickly seeing how dense it is. I really love this brush and now want to buy all of the single brushes to complete my collection.
What's your favourite Real Techniques brush? What's your favourite brush brand?
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This post has been scheduled as I will be away during December and unable to blog, it will be back to normally in January. I may be less active on my social media as well but will try and reply to comments as soon as I possibly can.


  1. Ooh, sounds great - thinking of ordering a few from the US site as they's so cheap there! xx

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    1. I know they are so much cheaper in the US! x

  2. Real Techniques brushes are amazing and I use them every day. They don't shed their bristles and are just so lovely to use as they are not too heavy in the hand.


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