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Monday, 14 September 2015

Forza Multi Vitamins for Dieters*, the key to keeping you healthy?

Multi Vitamins for dieters is something I never pictured myself taking, but I promise you they are not as scary as they sound. What I didn't realise is that by dieting you are cutting down on your food intake, and therefore you are also missing out on certain minerals and vitamins which are very important in your body to keep you healthy, and in the long run will help with the weightloss. Forza is fast becoming a very popular brand, with a range of celebrities relying on these supplements- although personally I can be quite skeptical about this so I now I have the opportunity to try this myself I can form my own opinion which I can share with all of you.

So everything comes in a little box and you get two trays of 15 capsules, which will last you 30 days. Each of the capsules have the pink case, which although I don't know if it adds anything I think its a nice touch. It also has a little booklet in with the tablets, which has a range of tips and recipes and advice to help with your health and weightloss. The tablets aren't the smallest, but are around the same size as the most tablets. You are advised to take them once daily on a full stomach, these tablets have been tailored specially for us women trying to loose that bit of weight saying that the tablets "meet the needs of women who are maintaining a low calorie diet, avoiding certain food groups, and taking part in physical exercise"
Although I believe that too loose weight you need to cut down the calories (by this I do not mean calorie counting, although it does work for some but simply eating a little less), avoid the bad stuff and increase the exercise. Forza say you must insure that you maintain all the vitamins and minerals in your body, and these tablets do just that.
So how did I get on? Well I have been loving them, my body feels a lot healthier. The vitamin B in them helps to increase energy levels, which is something which I have noticed when I have been taking them and I feel like they are helping me on my weightloss mission and just increasing the general healthiness of my body. You have to remember that no where do they say they result in weightloss they just help it by achieving your daily needs of vitamins will in turn should help to the effectiveness and the energy you have for your exercise, which will in turn contribute to weight loss. Something that I had never paid much attention to but now I understand a lot more about I will be for sure.
I have been loving taking these tablets, and noticing the difference which they have made to the overall health of my body. For only £7.49, they are by far a much more affordable alternative to a lot of weightloss/ multivitamin tablets on the market and available from a safe and reliable brand.
You can purchase them from the Forza website, along with a range of other products.

Have you ever taken multivitamin tablets? What are your tips for weightloss?


  1. I started with vitamins then just stop after few weeks which is bad

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. It's hard to stick at to begin with but once you get into a routine its great xx


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