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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Topshop Matte Lip Bullet Dupe

This probably wasn't exactly what you were expecting because I know normal dupe posts are finding a drugstore alternative for a highend product. And although Topshop Makeup is not exactly highend I have found a cheaper alternative for one of their products. I love both of those products so much and I am so happy that I have found a slightly cheaper alternative to the Topshop Matte Lip Bullet.
Top Picture Topshop Matte Lip Bullet Get Me Bodied, Bottom Picture Maybelline Color Drama Velvet Lip Pencil Berry Much
I have talked about both of these products in my Blogmas posts, if you missed them they are all on my blog still so you can go back and have a read. As I said before I know this isn't really what most people would expect for a dupes post but I was so happy when I discovered they were basically the same that I had to write a post about it.
As you can see in the swatches these colours are identical, both a lovely plumy dark grungy colour which I love so much and I have said before I would wear this everyday if I could. The finish is also the same although the Topshop Matte Lip Bullet is supposed to be matte, I would say that it is semi matte which I much prefer, this makes it easier wear without being super glossy. The Maybelline Lip Pencil is a velvet finish which is the same, basically matte but more wearable. I literally love both of these products and wouldn't be able to choose one over the other. even though its really easy to get a clean sharp finish to your lipstick using either of these you could use the Maybelline Lip Pencil to outline your lips and then the Topshop Lip Bullet to fill it in.
I cannot believe this is my last post of 2014! Leave me a comment telling me what your favourite post of 2014 has been.
What's your favourite dark lip? Have you tried either of these?
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This post has been scheduled as I will be away during December and unable to blog, it will be back to normally in January. I may be less active on my social media as well but will try and reply to comments as soon as I possibly can.


  1. such a good dupe, almost a perfect colour match! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. Wow these really are identical! I really want to try those Color Drama pencils :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  3. Do you know if the Maybelline Color Drama pencil is available in the US? Dying to get my hands on one! Love your blog!!

    - Sarah<3

    1. I don't know if they are but they should be because they have been out for quite a while in England and usually they are out in the US before the UK xx

  4. this is such a beautiful shade, i think it's cool you found a dupe for a topshop product because whilst they're not high-end it's still nice to find a cheaper alternative - great post!

    fashion, beauty and an existential crisis

    1. Thank you, I know what you mean they are kind of mid range priced! I love this colour too xx


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