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Friday, 19 June 2015

Baby B Browne Tanning Lotion*

I wouldn't say I'm addicted to tanning, but I do love it and couldn't wait to give this Baby B Browne Face and Body Medium Self Tan Lotion* a try. I have been loving using instant tans and rapid tan, but not as many tanning lotions so I didn't have many expectations for this product- as a result with this I was so impressed with the results.
The lotion is a deep brown, gloopy texture which to begin with could look quite daunting but once you apply it its no where near as dark and leaves a guide colour on the skin. I let mine develop for about 5-6 hours during the day before I showered and washed of the guide colour. The colour above is what my legs looked like the next day. It has lasted really well on the skin and when it fades it looks really natural and doesn't go at all patchy. I was also sent a mitt with the Baby B Browne Tanning Lotion* which had a velvet texture, unlike any other mitt which I have tried and I loved it, so amazing for applying tan leaving such a flawless finish. One thing which really struck me about the tan was the lack of scent, you may be thinking that doesn't sound like a good thing but if your a regular tanner you will know exactly what I am talking about. That horrid biscuity scent just wasn't there, which was such a nice surprise and also meant that I wasn't conscious of the smell while I let it develop during the day. Once applied it took about 2 minutes to dry before I put some clothes back on and left it to develop. Baby B Browne Tanning Lotion* is buildable, but for me I think I would just leave it on over night and then let it develop more meaning a darker tan.
This tan costs £14.95, for a 250ml bottle. With a lotion I think the bottles actually last longer, I don't see this running out anytime soon because I needed about 1-2 pumps per leg, when using a mousse I normally need a lot more.
What's your favourite tanning mousse? Have you tried this tan?



  1. Lovely review :) so happy I don't need to tan


  2. This looks really good, I think I may need to give this one a go next time Im on the look out for a tan.
    Love your blog hun, great post

    CharlotteSamantha //

    1. Thanks, I would really recommend it! Thank you so much xx


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