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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Guest Post || Drugstore Favourites from Anjna Harish: Thoughts Of A Girl Blog


I’m Anjna the author of Anjna Harish: Thoughts of a Girl, and today I am going to share with you my top drugstore products that I have repurchased or will when the time comes. These products are amazing and I can always rely on them to perform, especially when I don’t feel like spending much.

So I have spoken about the BarryM Textured Nail Paint in Duchess (£3.99/10ml) on my blog before, it is just the perfect nail polish for everything, it’s a nude pink with a lot of glitter in it which makes it great for the upcoming summer because the sun will really make this polish shine. I love that it is textured as it means it is quick to dry and also it stays on for a really long time. Whenever I know I will be too busy, this is the polish I gravitate towards because it’s completely fuss free. I would actually pay a lot more for this colour so BarryM have really done a great job on this.

I have really oily eyelids and I’ve been really getting into the cream eyeshadows like the Bourjois
Paris Colour Edition 24 hours Eyeshadows (£6.99/5g) since they don’t crease on me and they are
really easy to apply and blend. What I love about the shade Or Desir is that it isn’t too strong; it’s a
shimmery gold which can be good for a nice wash of colour or built up to be more of a block colour. I just like that it’s not a metallic yellow gold since I have tanned skin which means it would contrast
with my skin tone in a way that I don’t want for every day wear. This pot has lasted me a few months and it’s still going strong even though I wear it a few times a week!

For me, it’s hard to find face products from the drugstore because of my skin tone but Revlon actually do an amazing range of shades in their collection. I have repurchased the Revlon Colour
Stay Concealer (£6.99/6ml) twice already and it’s a winner for me, it’s creamy and so can be used
under the eyes (if you need more coverage there) or on blemishes and does stay on for a fair few hours. I have completely converted my sister and my mom on this and so it’s a sure winner for my family at the very least!

When I went to Milan last September I headed into Kiko for the first time and bought the Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow (€6.90/1.64g) in the shade ‘Golden Brown’ and it was the best purchase I had made over there. IF you want an eyeshadow that doesn’t budge then this is what you want, it’s really easy to apply (you just draw on your eyelids) but then it sets and won’t come off even when you rub it.  I love this for days when I know I will be gone for hours because I don’t have to worry about creased or patchy eyeshadow. What I love about Kiko is that their quality Is better than the price they offer, and that applies to this product here. They have a bunch of shades too so be sure to check it out!

I think I am on my third or fourth tube of Maybelline The Falsies Mascara (£7.99/9ml) I am always on the hunt to find something better out there but somehow I just keep coming back to this when I want something that just works for me. I have the most useless eyelashes, they are short, flat and a greyish colour and this mascara makes them long and black not to mention it can hold a curl too, it is literally my saviour in a bottle. So if my eyelashes sound familiar to you and you haven’t used The Falsies yet, then prepare to be blown away.

I’m all about the ‘your lips but better’ look and the Rimmel London Exaggerate Lip Liner in 018 addiction (£3.99/0.25g) helps me to achieve that look, it’s quite a matte formula which means it has great longevity.  I will pair this with a lipstick but most of the time I will just add some lip balm on the top and I’m good to go. It just helps to bring a bit more colour and evenness to your lips and with the shade I have got which is a pink with a brown undertone; it will look amazing on everyone!

Top to bottom : Bourjois, Revlon, Kiko, Rimmel London

I think it’s easy to tell what kinds of products I like; if it’s quick and easy and works then I’m bound to love it. I hope this post has been helpful to you! I just wanted to show you my keepers in the drugstore that even Ottilie may not have tried! It’s always good to get different perspectives on things.

Thank you so much for reading,




  1. Ouuu these were some great products! :) I'm really curious with that kiko and bourjois eye cream things! :o

    Xoxo Jessy

    1. You should totally check them out :) These products really do perform :) x

    2. I love Falsies mascara!


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