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Friday, 18 September 2015

A Tanning Mitt Miracle? Sunkissed Double Sided Tanning Mitt*

If your as much of an avid fake tanner as myself you will know how essential a mitt is in creating that flawless effect everyone is after. I never used to see any difference from mitt to mitt and just used whatever I could get my hands on, however now I see how essential they are and am on the hunt to find the ultimate mitt. Sunkissed, a much loved brand here on O is for Ottilie, have recently launched their new double sided mitt*. With its new design, designed to last twice as long as any other mitt, and patented barrier technology you'll be set to go with this new release.
This is the, well I could of done that kind of product. Nothing too revolutionary, just takes somebody with a bit of common sense, and tanning expertise to come up with an idea with this and why nobody else has done before I do not know. However good on Sunkissed for doing it, and bring us an all new style tanning mitt. Being doubled sided means that it can be used for twice as long, because you have two sides to use. It also makes application a lot easier, doesn't matter which side your using to apply your tan with you can swap it round, changes hands with really no fuss or difficulty at all. You can tan your back without having to switch your arms around, the well known tanning struggle. I no longer am left shouting for someone to help me tan, being able to do nearly all of it on my own.
The mitt completely prevents streaks, with its soft texture, and patented technology to stop product soaking through onto your hands your set to go.
For only £4.99, make sure you pick this up and give it a go. After all you are buying the equivalent of two mitts for that price so it'll be saving you money in the long run as well!
What's your best tanning tip? What's your favourite tan?


  1. The mitt looks really handy to get great application!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. It does just that, makes everything so much easier xx

  2. It sounds like a handy product to have! Tanning mitts are just the best things ever x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave | My YouTube

    1. I know! I hate not having one to use, they make everything so much more mess free and easy xx

  3. That's quite a good idea actually! If you think about it there really is no need for the other side of the mitt. May as well have two! My friend LOVES sunkissed, i'm yet to try it. Maybe I should start with this!
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Exactly, you really should- try this and the rapid tan two of my favourite products from sunkissed xx


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