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Friday, 25 September 2015

OT Gets Fit: Motivation, Ideas and Update

It's been exactly three months, on the day that I am writing this since I introduced you to the idea of OT Gets Fit. I know, bad effort on me for not getting my act together and posting regularly. My main aim is too loose weight and gain confidence, so much easier said than done. But as well as loosing weight, I want this to be about getting fit, healthy and improving my body overall. I recently review Hair Rev*, introduced you to Gold Crush Supplements* and review my experience with Forza Vitamins* all of which are slightly related and involved in my whole push for a healthier and improved me.

In terms of actual weight loss, since I wrote that post 3 months back I have gained and lost weight in a sort of yoyo pattern. Such a good feeling when you loose weight, however such a rubbish feeling when you gain it again. I was hoping being back at school I would be able to level this out again, and keep it on a steady downhill slope. Again easier said than done, I guess that is becoming a pattern with all this fitness chat everything is easy to say and so much harder to follow through with.
I have got a FitBit, which I will be doing a full post on very soon. I love it, monitoring my steps as well as tracking my sleep- by far the most interesting bit I find. I know that some people won't see the point, it doesn't force you to do exercise and to be perfectly I was one of these people but now I have it I love it so much and in a weird way it really works.
Since, as I mentioned previously I have been back at school I am back into playing hockey, as well as going to the gym twice a week in the evenings. For me this is a massive step, the gym scares me a lot. It wasn't even the exercise that put me off, I just hated the idea of a sweaty room, filled with fit individuals, swanning through their exercise routine with no trouble at all. Then just me puffing away in the corner, a minor hurdle I have overcome with the introduction of girls nights and a near empty gym which I can have complete run of. As well as this I have come up with a little exercise plan for me to do in my room, which I actually love as it takes no time at all and gives me a sense of satisfaction once I'm done.

To help you guys along, this is a rough idea of what I normally do in the gym. I usually go for about an hour, however the bits which don't involve equipment you could do anywhere.

Cross Trainer, the cross trainer is my favourite thing to do in the gym- I really hate running machines and I find with the cross trainer I can use a high resistance go for longer and feel more results then just running. On this cross trainer you can choose set workouts, I usually do fat burn or glute workout.

Treadmill, if I do go on the treadmill (running machine) I usually put it too the steepest incline and walk fast uphill. I find this better and is such a good workout for your legs/ thighs/ bum.

Bike, I pick and choose between treadmill and bike but I usually do this just to work my legs and give myself time to cool off a bit after the cross trainer without completely stopping.

Floor Exercises, I love doing these kind of exercises. You can really feel the burn, which in my case motivates me more. I usually do sit up, crunches, glute bridges, back raises, plank, squats. I do a certain count, work my way through and then repeat.

As I said before, I am no expert. Just the average girl, trying to get fit and sharing my very honest opinion about how its going what I'm doing etc.

I am planning loads of new posts, so keep update with them!
What do you use to motive yourself? What kind of things do you do in your workouts?


  1. I did such a similar thing Ottilie! I thought if I blogged about my drive to get fit I would be more likely to see it through. Things happen to disrupt the routine so easily (like school / new jobs..) but so much happier with myself when I do go to the gym! Just trust that you will feel so good having done something!

    x Síle
    Any Idle Sunday

    1. So good to know someone understands what I'm talking about having experienced it! I love the satisfaction after going to the gym too xx

  2. Good luck with your mission! I too keep yo yo'img losing and gaining the same lb over and over again, it's so frustrating! I currently go to Bootcamp classes two/three times a week with the occasional Zumba or Clubbercise session thrown in a,on the way. I also do an hour of walking Monday to Friday taking my son to school and picking him up at the end of the day. I find my Fitbit good motivation too.

    Keep going! I'm hoping something will click into place soon and that the scales will start moving in the right direction xxx

    1. I know its so frustrating! You do so much though, so I'm sure it'll pay off very soon. I love my Fitbit too, just helps you to reach your aim each day xx


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