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Monday, 28 September 2015

ZOEVA Rose Golden Complete Eye Set

How have I not already written about these? I got them ages ago, took the photos and then never got the post up. These are just the most beautiful brushes I have ever owned, it took me 2 weeks at least to bring myself to use them for fear of ruining their beauty. Possibly the most instagramable brushes you will ever own this Zoeva Rose Gold Complete Eye Set is just perfection.

The Zoeva Rose Gold Complete Eye Set completely equips you for just about any eyeshadow look you would ever want to attempt, with 12 brushes all with a use but yet again perfect for so many different jobs! At first glance this set my not look cheap at £56 but that is just over £4.50 per brush which are a quality comparable to MAC, suddenly doesn't seen as bad at all.
First a note on packaging, if you haven't already realised I am in love with the packaging. Anything rose gold is a need thing for me, and rose gold makeup brush oh god I just couldn't contain myself (any beauty hoarders will understand the excitement!) The brushes come in a brown leather pouch, with of course rose gold details I actually use this a lot because it is the perfect size length wise to fit most makeup brushes.
As a general overview the brushes do not splay, or shred at all even after washing them. All of mine have kept such good shape, which of course is essential. Zoeva brushes are all cruelty free and they offer a range of animal hair, as well as synthetic brushes with a huge range of brushes to choose from on their website and even more beautiful sets.

231/ Luxe Petit Crease- I love all of these tapered crease brushes in this set, perfect for adding some definition into the crease I use this almost everyday just to add some depth. Because of how tapered it is you can pick up a small amount of product with the tip then the other bristles soften the edges slightly.

142/ Concealer Buffer- I prefer to use my finger for concealer, but this brush is dense enough and the perfect size to buff out concealer under the eyes however I love using this for contouring my nose or setting under my eyes.

230/ Luxe Pencil- A very small, precise, tapered brush just what you would expect from a pencil brush. I use this either for very precise application in the crease, for a cut crease or for applying product through the lower lash line.

234/ Luxe Smoky Shader- essential flat paddle brush, nice and soft but picks up colour well. This brush is perfect for packing colours onto the lid, or for applying eye primers or bases.

322/ Brow Line- small, short, angled brush designed to fill in your brows. However I use this to sharpen up my brows with concealer, I love how it creates a really sharp line, and because its duo fiber it works well with liquid products.

227/ Luxe Soft Definer- soft, fluffy eyeshadow brush perfect for blending transition colours into the crease and creating really smooth transitions in your eyeshadow. I use this brush and love how it applies colour, it could also be used to apply shadow all over the lid.

228/ Luxe Crease- a larger tapered eyeshadow brush. Slightly more fluffy so perfect for blending out colours in the crease, I love this for blending all of my eyeshadow but in a more controlled way because of how tapered it is.

226/ Smudger- this brush is small, and flat so perfect for applying precise colour. I especially love it for smudging colour into my top or bottom lash line to add definition without it being a harsh line.

224/ Luxe Defined Crease- the most perfect brush for buffing and blending out any harsh lines, super soft and fluffy it creates the smoothest and perfected finish to any eyeshadow look. This brush isn't as dense as the 228 brush, but is just amazing at buffing out eyeshadow.

317/ Wing Liner- a classic angled brush I use this for my brows but have also used it for liner. You have loads of control with it, and it isn't took thick giving you the choice to have your eyeliner however you want with ease.

315/ Fine Liner Brush- the first brush like this I have ever tried, a small and precise angled eyeliner brush makes light work of eyeliner and is so much easier that I first imagined to use.

237/ Detailed Shader- a small, dense, flat brush great for packing on colour into smaller areas. I love this for adding my brow bone and inner corner highlight. If I am doing a halo smokey eye it is great for packing the lighter colour onto the middle of the lid.

Overall as you can see I absolutely love everyone of these brushes, and now I just want to have a complete collection of Zoeva brushes. I have a use for every single brush in this set, and would be happy with double of some of them I use them that much.

If your on the hunt for some new brushes I would check out Zoeva, there is such a variety and you can buy them on Beauty Bay as well as a few other UK shops which means the shipping isn't quite as much.

What are your favourite brushes? Have you ever tried Zoeva?


  1. These brushes looks absolutely gorgeous!!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Reading this really makes me want to throw my money at Beauty Bay and buy all of the collections they offer, they look so gorgeous and sound a dream!
    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

    1. tell me about it! All of the sets are so beautiful and I would love to own them all xx

  3. Replies
    1. Same! They just look so beautiful anywhere xx

  4. Sooooo pretty! Their eye sets all look so gorgeous! Definitely want to add more to my collection!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

    1. If you use eyeshadow a lot then this is a must have, the other rose gold set is beautiful too and has a mixture and eyes and face brushes in it xx

  5. I love this set. I really need to get round to ordering it!

    Katya | The Beauty Harbour

    1. It is 100% worth the price, I couldn't recommend it more xx

  6. Oooh love these brushes, they are gorgeous! I love anything rose gold! Zoeva brushes are always so lovely! :)

    Heather Xx

    1. I know, I have fallen in love with the rose gold trend. I really want to try some more xx


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