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Monday, 29 August 2016

The New Brow Trend

Brows are an ever changing trend, from perfectly sculpted ombre brows, to the embrace your inner Cara brows. Personally my brows are quite a prominent park of my face, with them naturally being quite bold and out of control, regular shaping is needed to keep them under control. Despite this though I would kill to have Cara like brows, which are perfectly shaped however still look natural and thick. Whereas I am left with slightly sparse, but out of control brows. We have had the over groomed, perfected, almost fake brows and the upcoming trends suggest that the next thing will be a more natural brow, with less sculpted sharp lines and more soft colour to add definition.
If, unlike me you are blessed with naturally full brows, which although don't need any added colour just need taming and shaping the Apraise Eyebrow Shaping Wax* is ideal, coming with a spoolie and in a massive pot, like for real this is going to last you forever. You can scoop a tiny bit out and brush through your brows, stopping any unruly hairs but still keeping your brows looking so natural and barely touched. The tub is huge in comparison of just how much you use, so will last you for ages and I really would suggest that when it comes to this product less is more because once its in, it really does set everything in place and if you apply too much you run the risk of crispy brows.
Another brow product to land on my desk is this brow powder from FAB Brows*, now my first comment on this is the excessive packaging. As you can see in the picture the product is the section of dark brown powder, and the entirety of the gold is just a waste although it does house a very large mirror which is useful, however in my opinion does not justify the waste of packaging and size of the product. Onto the actual product though, it is a wonderful shade match for me personally not too warm, and perfect for adding a soft amount of colour through the brows. Especially with the brush it comes with you can get the soft gentle lines, which fits perfectly with the upcoming brow trends. If you however do prefer something more sculpted and perfected, you can use this powder too with a thinner brush, to really carve out the brows. The powder is smudge proof, sweat proof and waterproof so really will not be going anywhere, and you can have no worries about your brows ending up half way down your face during the day.
These two products work amazingly alongside each other, with the powder adding some colour and definition and the wax shaping and controlling your brows.
What are your current favourite brow products?

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