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Monday, 15 August 2016

Look Good Feel Better, The Perfect Excuse for New Brushes?

Nearly everybody will be of effected by cancer either directly or indirectly through knowing family and friends suffering with it, or personally suffering it themselves. There are so many charities out there to support, and help all these people through the illness. Look Good Feel Better is a charity, and a brand who are there to support women with the visual side effects of cancer. 12% of every brush sold goes towards supporting women in ensuring they feel beautiful, offering courses and workshops in apply makeup and dealing with the visual appearance changes which patients experience. What a perfect excuse to buy new makeup brushes, supporting an amazing charity and treating yourself to some amazing quality brushes.

I was introduced to this brand when I received the Multi Task brush, which, let me tell you is something that everyone needs in their makeup bag. With the dense bristles, it is ideal for buffing in foundation, cream contour, buffing out any harsh lines and generally helping to blur and perfect your makeup. The bristles are super soft, without being useless. Lives up to its name, so much so I feel like I need to own multiple because I use it for that many different things.
After I was introduced and aware of this brand, I wanted to get out there and support it. So naturally, I bought more makeup brushes.
I went for the Make Over Brush Set which includes four brushes, a stippling brush which I love for blending out contour. For that seamless, flawless, this is totally a natural cheekbone structure kinda look use a duo fibre stippling brush to blend and you'll achieve it in no time. The powder brush is perfect for setting your foundation, with a light natural layer of powder or for bronzer which is what I usually use it for as powder isn't really my thing. The pencil brush is really good for highlighting the brow bone, running shadow under the eye or inner corner. The blending brush though, I freaking love it for so many things. Highlight, intense highlight and buffing concealer or powder under the eyes so you have maximum control. Blending out shadow like boss, this is the brush for you.
Not only is Look Good Feel Better doing some amazing things for so many women, but they are producing some of the best brushes I have tried and what better than to support such a good cause. With some of the best quality, and really well thought through brushes, they even have a blending sponge as well as a huge range of different brushes. Any excuse to buy more brushes. If your interested about the work which Look Good Feel Better do, check out their website and of course give their entire range of brushes a better look.

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