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Monday, 25 September 2017

Blogs I Read almost Daily

I spend a lot of time reading blogs. I love discovering new ones, referring to blogs for a valuable sources of information from beauty reviews to inspiring me with the next destination I need to add to my bucket list. I am constantly finding new blogs to add to my reading list, and rediscovering old ones however there is a selection of blogs which I read almost daily, and have no shame in admitting I have read nearly every single one of their posts.

Where's Mollie?

Mollie's blog has possibility been my favourite blog since I discovered it. A travel blog filled with the most inspiring, beautiful but also genuinely useful posts. I find it so easy to relate to her travel posts, and actually do what she recommends, see what she says can't be missed and have used her blog as reference when planning many trips. And I am forever recommending it to everybody I know, to use it to inspire them. Mollie also writes some more lifestyle content, again so relatable, a few of my favourites are this post about Why It's So Important to Be Single and 16 Thing's She'd Like to Say to Girls All Over The World.

Gracie Francesca

I'm pretty sure you will all of heard of Gracie, the girl boss, working to inspire people, challenging societies views and pressures, taking about taboo topics in a very frank and relatable way. Gaining herself the respect of the masses, as she inspires you to be yourself, love yourself, accept yourself. Gracie's post are honest, and open talking about sensitive topics that need to the talked about. She also posts some incredible outfit and beauty posts, which shouldn't be missed. Everyone needs Gracie in their life. My favourite posts are this post about how Empowered Women, Empower Women and this post about Mental Health.

Hannah Gale

A sassy, girl boss blogger who writes about anything from her current TV favourites to life lessons she learnt, with a few outfits and beauty posts chucked into the mix. I love how original Hannah's content is, full with beautiful photos. I find Hannah's blog post very beneficial, I always learn something, her blogging tips are so useful, her lifestyle posts teach me something new, inspire me to try something new and her fashion posts leave me with a wishlist bigger than my bank account can handle. I love this post on Letting Go of Trying To Get People to Like Me and this post about Feeling Like Your Blog Content Is Good Enough.

Vix Meldrew

Where to start with Vix, I find her blog hilariously funny, incredibly well written and the content is just oh so original.  A sex, relationships and lifestyle blog Vix covers it all. Documenting her dating experiences, her observations of the dating world as well as talking about more serious lifestyle topics. Her blog is well worth a read, and I promise once you start you'll be hooked. I love this post about What Love Island Teaches  Us About Modern Dating and Why You Need to Love Being Single to Have a Good Relationship.

There are many more blogs which I catch up with regularly, and love but we'd be here forever if I listed them all.

I'd love to discover more blogs so leave your favourites down below.


  1. What a gorgeous selection I love finding new blogs to read, yours is one of my faves too.


    1. Aww thank you so much that means so much to me! So do I, I am always looking for new blogs to read

      Ottilie x


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