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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Fenty Beauty by Rhianna The Full Low Down

Fenty Beauty by Rhianna launched a few weeks ago, and ever since it graced the shelves of Harvey Nichols and Sephora everyone has been talking about it. The beauty industry has waited so long for a brand like this, Rhianna has managed to do something which so many other huge brands have failed to do. Fenty Beauty is all about inclusivity, boasting 40 shades of foundation, including shades for the typically harder to match skin tones. The formulas are designed to work with all skin types, the products are designed to feel light weight, with build able coverage but still leaves your skin looking like skin. As well as focusing on inclusivity, this collection is also 100% cruelty free. This collection is all about your skin, with no official eye products realised currently. In this post I am giving you the complete low down on the collection, with a full review post coming soon.
Available in 40 shades, with a whole range of undertones, a long wearing foundation with medium to full buildable coverage. It is advised if you are between two shades to go for the lighter shade, as this does take a few seconds to dry down and with this the shade does darken ever so slightly, make sure you allow for this when testing them in a store. With the light as air formula this is almost undetectable on the skin, but leaves you with a photo ready, pore diffused, shine free finish. Remember to shake well before use.

This primer is designed to diffuse pores, stop shine and of course create the perfect base for your foundation. Unlike most mattifying primers this does not leave your skin looking flat but instead mattifies the skin with the lightest feel, still leaving your skin looking and feeling like skin but with this filtered, blurring effect- perfecting your skin. Of course designed to work on all skin tones, without a trace of the product and included the longevity of your foundation.

A universal blotting powder for all skin tones, with no flash back. This product absorbs shine, diffuses the look of pores and mattes your skin leaving you with a filtered photo finish look. This powder is completely traceless on all skin tones, and does not cake or sit in any fine lines.
Coming in 30 different shades, 20 matte and 10 shimmer. These come in the most beautiful, magnetised packaging. The shimmer shades are perfect for highlighting, using as eyeshadows, blushes or even on the lips. The matte shades work well as concealer, bronzer, contour and of course you could get away with using these on your eyes or lips also. The cream to powder formula is designed to be layered, so they work so well together blending together seamlessly with a light as air finish. They are also available to buy it trios, or separately depending on your skin tone and what you after.

Possibly the product people were most excited for, these highlights live up and beyond the expectations. They have a cream-powder hybrid formula making them so buttery and smooth to apply, incredibly blendable and perfect for layering especially on top of the Skinstixs. The shades range from subtle to extremely bright and bold, with two singles and four duos of course there is something for every skin tone. Metal moon is more subtle, and Trophy Wife is much more bold but when it comes to the duos its best to find the one which best suits your skin tone.

A universal shade lip gloss, with the perfect amount of shine to perfect any lip colour. Containing shea butter to condition the lips, it leaves your lips looking instantly fuller and smoother.

To compliment the makeup Rhianna has also included tools that work perfectly alongside the products, from a sponge to highlight brushes and blotting paper. The portable highlight and contour brush, are also magnetised to will attach to your skinstixs perfectly.

My full review of the products I picked up will be coming soon, I am so excited to see what more is going to come with Fenty Beauty. Finally an inclusive, cruelty free beauty brand which isn't outrageously expensive and delivers top quality products.

Fenty Beauty is exclusively available at Sephora, Harvey Nichols and on their Website.



  1. When payday comes I am definitely ordering one of the highlighter duos! They look stunning.

  2. Ive heard very bad mixed reviews on the primer and foundation so I'm for sure skipping on buying those, I'm so glad I waited for blogger reviews instead of going straight in. I'll still be buying one of the highlighter duo's though, this one looks stunning!

    Courtney @crtnygrdnr | Lashes and Luxe


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