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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

An Evening on The Harbour Arm, Folkestone

In an effort to discover and explore more of the world close to home I decided to spend an evening down on the Harbour Arm in Folkestone. It is still in stages of redevelopment, but is fast becoming the food, drink and entertainment centre of the town. With independent food and drink stalls, its a great place to grab a drink and watch the sunset or enjoy some live entertainment. Walk down to the end and you reach the champagne bar.

The range of food varies from seafood, to burgers, the greek bus and delicious pizzas as well as little bars dotted all the way along. In terms of entertainment, they have such a variety from live DJs to bands as well as art shows among other things. The best way to find out about these are to check their website here.

On our visit we enjoyed the sunset, and ate pizza from Follies and drank cider on a lovely warm evening, while also getting some outfit snaps for an upcoming post. Although summer may be coming to end, spending a sunny afternoon down here would be ideal, and something which I know I will be doing again.


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