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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Bring On 2015

I am writing this literally the night before I leave to go away but I am actually back now, providing everything went to plan I arrived back yesterday. But I am foreseeing a really bad case of holidayitus, leave a comment if you know what I mean! So I have also scheduled this post a long way in advance.
I am literally so excited for this upcoming year, even now I'm literally feeling so positive and excitd for what is to come. I think I should be doing some kind of amazing post for today but if I'm honest your just getting an update. I love writing them and I think it makes my blog so much more personal.
Right so starting off their is going to be some changes going on around here, I want to up my blogging game in the next year. Hopefully you will see loads of improvements in the quality of pictures and posts. I am going to be investing a lot more time into my blog and try and be so much more productive. Time management is something which I need to work on.
I am making this blog more my own, posting what I want, saying what I want and making it way more personal. My blog is mine at the moment and is personal but there are something's which I wish I posted about but decide not to, worried about the response but na uh not this year I will be posting exactly what I want.
Now this one is a bold move and I'm still unsure, but I really want to start a YouTube. This has been one of my main goals or aims so I feel like the time has come for this to become reality. I don't know how long it will take me to start doing this mainly because I don't have a camera and I also don't know how my family will feel about it, and although they won't be able to stop me its not something you can do secretively.
I am hoping to do a lot more travel in this year, I have started saving which I am so proud about because I do have quite bad spending habits! I want to start a travel blog but I feel like I might hold off for a bit, until I am actually travelling more often then whenever I can in the holidays. But I do want to do some posts on the holiday I have just been on, so I just don't know!
I am feeling so excited for this year, literally so many things plans and ideas. Hopefully which will all turn out successfully and you will be able to see this on my blog.
How was your new year? What have you got coming up this year?


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    1. Thank you so much, I'm back now but loved it so much! xx

  2. I know exactly what you mean about time management, I try to be as organised as I can but still end up with so much to do! Good luck with your plans for 2015! :)

    Elle x
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