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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Lifestyle|| Girl Online Book Review

While away on holiday I thought it would be prime time to read a book? And what better than keep up with the blogsphere and reading Zoe's new book Girl Online. The day after I bought it all the scandal came out about it being ghost written and so on and I will mention that later on. However ghost written or not, I loved this book so much. I don't read books very often at all, I just stick to blogs and magazines so for me to like a book enough to finish it and write a review is quite something.

When I first started reading the book reviews on Girl Online I was a bit sceptical because obviously Zoe aka Zoella has so many fans none of who would want to say a bad word about her or anything which she does. Although I am one of Zoe's 'followers' and love her videos and blog (just wish she would post more often on her blog, but that's beside the point) this review is 100% honest.
Girl Online is about a girl named Penny who lives in Brighton and decides to start an anonymous blog called Girl Online. Her gay best friend Elliot lives next door, and they spend there time with each other and when they are not communicating through the wall which connects the two houses. Similar to most teenage girls Penny is having some issues with friends and boys and among all of this she also discovers that she has anxiety and starts experiencing panic attacks. When her family are given the chance to fly out to New York because of their business, its the last thing which Penny wants to do with her panic attacks but with the help of her family and best friend she gets herself there and is able to forget everything which I happening back at home. Once at home she then gets swirled up in a whirlwind romance with Noah, who unknown to her is a famous musician. And of course with this new romance comes new drama, this story is very realistic and relatable covering loads of issues which teenage girls go through and as well as bringing  them into the light also gives little coping strategies which Penny tries but is also something which you could put into practice in your everyday life.
This book is seriously addictive, I couldn't put it down and was reading it at every opportunity available. It is as well an easy read which I like, but still interesting with lots happening all the time. I was actually so sad when it ended because I wanted to find out more of what happened. I think that there is another book happening at some point and I will have to read that as soon as possible to see how the story carries on. You could say that it is a typical girly book about boys, friends and dealing with general life. But not many books cover anxiety like Girl Online, because Zoe struggles with anxiety herself she wanted this to be a major part of the book and for someone like me who gets anxiety it actually helped me and made the book so much more relatable because I knew exactly what Penny felt like.
Overall I loved this book, but I can see why it isn't for everyone. If you like the more girly books then you will love this, as I did. So if your looking for a new book then I would recommend you give this one a go. In response to it being ghost written, I can understand why everyone felt so betrayed that it was because Zoe never said that it was or explained that to people so they bought it thinking that it was completely written by her. But Zoe is a blogger, she makes YouTube videos writing books isn't what she does so it was clear that she was going to need help. As its been said all of the ideas where her but she needed help making those ideas and plans into a book which people would want to read.
Have you read Girl Online, what did you think? What books would you recommend?

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  1. Thanks for the review. I got this book on its launch date but still haven't read it as I'm in the middle of reading another one but it seems so good. Ghost written or not the contents of it seems amazing!

    1. You should read it when you get the chance, it wont take you long to read because its hard to put down once you have started xx


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