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Thursday, 15 January 2015

My Blogging Essentials

Trying to balance school work and blogging can be quite tricky especially when other life commitments get in the way and trying to keep up a social life. So when I sit down to get some serious blogging done I want it to be as productive as possible. These are some of my essentials to make sure I get the most out of my time.

So first off, of course I have a notepad and to go with it a pen. This is my chosen notepad to start my blogging in 2015 and this is where I write down all of my ideas, plan posts and any other blog related things I need to keep a note of. I try and take this everywhere with me whenever I go out, and I always keep it by my bed during the night because I often think of the ideas before I go to sleep or when I'm lying in bed in the morning. It's so useful to write down all of my ideas, because then if I am ever stuck for ideas I can look back over these.

My clock, I love this little clock. You can turn it over so the side saying 'on' is facing upwards and the alarm will be on, you can then turn it over so it says 'off' to turn the alarm off. As well as it being so useful to be able to keep an eye on the time, so I don't spend too much time doing one thing and it stops me getting distracted if I try and allow myself an ideal amount of time to complete each task. The alarm is so easy to change as well, so I can set that to keep myself on track.

While I am blogging I often sit at my dining room table, so I don't get distracted by other things in my room but this can mean that there is background noise from my family. I like to listen to music while I'm blogging so of course I need my headphones.

The mouse may seem like a slightly weird one to include, but for me it makes blogging so much easier. I really don't like using the little track pad on my laptop, and its not helped by my slightly broken track pad. If you spend a lot of time on your laptop you might want to buy one of these, they are quite cheap on Amazon and I find it has made blogging so much easier.

My phone of course is something I like to have with me, keeping my social media updated but it can be a bit of a distraction so sometimes if I am on a serious blogging mission I may leave this somewhere else so I won't spend the whole time scrolling through my twitter feed.

I also like to make sure I have a drink with me, usually tea. As well as of course my memory card with the pictures on.

What are your blogging essentials? What upcoming posts would you like to see?



  1. Haha I love that notepad. That alarm clock is a really good idea as well
    Reinventing Neesha ♥

    1. Thank you, I hadn't seen many posts where people had specifically mentioned clocks but I have to use one to keep myself on track xx

  2. Love the notebook, such a cute/funny quote! Great idea with the alarm clock, sometimes I run waaaay over time, might need to get one of those!

    Great post sweet :)

    Hazel xx

    1. Thank you! I know I had that issue the whole time xx

  3. A cup of tea/coffee (depending on the time if day) would be mine. Y'know, to get the creative juices flowing and all :)


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