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Monday, 19 January 2015

Lifestyle || My Happy Place

Everyone has that one place where they feel most content and relaxed, for me its my room but more specifically my bed. Having come back to school last night, and started the dreaded Monday morning today I am wishing I was back in my bed.

Even if I'm not sleeping in bed I love sitting on my bed, blogging, cuddling my dog or watching films. Its where I feel the most happy, and relaxed. Obviously its not like I am sad whenever I'm not in bed, but if you were to ask me where 'my happy place' is my bed would be the answer!
You may not know but I have a round room, which I love its so quirky but to be honest on a day to day basics I don't really notice its that different. The two windows I have are opposite each other so I can wake up in the morning open to shutters behind me and just lay in bed with the light pouring in, admittedly sometimes not what I feel like on a Saturday morning! It's hard to explain why I find my room so relaxing, but I think its something to do with it being mine. Because I go to a state boarding school, during the week I stay in my room at school so its an extra special treat going home to my room and my double bed. The pillows by the way are from Thailand.

Where's your happy place?


  1. Gorgeous pillows :) my happy place is my bed to! But my room in general needa decorated so maybe not so much at the minute haha :) x

    1. Thank you, I literally love them so much! You should redecorate it, I did and it made such a difference xx

  2. My bed seems like my happy place too, when my friends are over 9 time out of 10 we end up chilling on my bed, watching movies etc :)

  3. I feel like taking a nap right now. Your bed looks like such a comfy and happy space. My favorite place would have to be the park next door. It makes me happy to go on walks there daily.

    Kindness is the best accessory,


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