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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Sunday Sit Down #9 || The Everything Favourties 2014

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I wasn't too sure what to call this post because I wanted to do a separate favourites for beauty but Ellen from Bronde Ambition asked me if I would like to do this post as she had originally done it on her blog. I thought it would be a good way to inject some change into my blog and talk about different favourites from category's I don't talk about as much. The whole idea is that you have different categories and you choose a runner up and winner for both of them.
I've probably seen loads of films during 2014 but I don't go to the cinema that much and hardly ever watch films on the TV, I tend to stick to YouTube. But weirdly before I even read what Ellen's two were I had thought of exactly the same ones. So I would of picked Pride as my runner up but another film which I loved is Sunshine on Leith, this film is about when two soldiers return from Afghanistan, its a musical and not something I would usually pick out but I went with my mum and loved it. My winner is The Imitation Game, again a film I didn't pick but I went with my mum and loved. Literally if you haven't seen it you need to, I found it so interesting and would happily watch it again and again. Its also a film which really makes you think slightly like Pride but don't let this put you off you really need to see it.
I really don't read books much, bad I know but I prefer to read blogs and magazines which really isn't an excuse but I read some while I was in Thailand. So my two books are Girl Online and Before I Go To Sleep. Its so hard to choose which one would be runner up and which one winner but I think Girl Online will be my runner up. But I did love this book so much, ghost written or not I think its a great story and the kind of book I really enjoy reading, I read it so quickly and couldn't put it down! Before I Go to sleep is another amazing book, completely different from Girl Online but again something I couldn't put down. I don't want to give it away but its one of those books which has a sudden twist at the end and everything becomes clear. Its about a women who has amnesia but she only forgets everything once she has gone to sleep and you discover things about her life as she starts to write things down to remember about her life each day. You really need to read this if you haven't already.
There is quite a few which I could pick and its hard to remember back to what I was loving right at the beginning of the year. The Missing is my runner up, such a good programme with loads of twists and unexpected events about a child is abducted and then the story of the parents struggle to find him, the ending however was not how I expect but I won't ruin that for you. My winner is Our Girl for sure, oh wow how I loved this programme and I really hope there is another series. This originally started off as a short film which was shown and then they made a series which followed on from that which is all about Molly as she goes out to Afghanistan as the medic its just amazing and I want it back.
I have put these two together because although I listen to loads of music I'm not very good at choosing favourites and I just tend to listen to whatever. I much prefer listening to stuff on the radio because then I hear so much more and more of a range but I never really get to find out the names, so I don't know what to pick for these categories.
I haven't actually had many this year but last year I got Dot by Marc Jacobs which I loved so much and is my winner and then since that ran out I have been using one from Zara in the pink bottle, I have no idea of the name. But I am looking for a new fragrance so please leave any comments.
This is a tough one, I think I would have to say my Bourjois 123 perfect or Rimmel Wake Me Up one for winter and one for summer as the Rimmel one has a slight shimmer to it and then MAC Face and Body is something I have fallen in love with this would be my runner up though because I prefer more high coverage foundations.
This one was hard to choose because its so broad but I would have to say my Naked Basics Original Palette is my winner because I use it everyday and then my The Falsies mascara but its so hard to choose because they are different things if you get me.
This one is easy my winner is the Maybelline Velvet Lip Pencils which are amazing and I love them so much, I own three of them and want to buy the rest so I have the full collection! My runner up would be the Topshop Matte Lip Bullets are also one I love and basically the same as the Maybelline ones but slightly more expensive so that's why they are my runner up. I find it so much easier to apply when they are in a pencil form or like the lip bullets rather than an actual lipstick I don't know why!
This is quite tricky because I have no nails, which I am actually doing alright at growing currently but I have managed to pick two products, my winner is Rimmel Nail Nurse Top and Bottom Coat which is amazing and I think part of the reason why they are growing. And runner up is Topshop nail polish in general because I love all of them, just the normal line.
Its hard for these categories because its such a wide range but I think I would choose my Nivea Express Hydration Primer as my winner because I've repurchased it so many times in this year it creates the perfect base for makeup and doesn't dry your skin at all. My runner up would be the Soap and Glory Hot Cloth Cleanser, because it work miracles on my skin and was so nice to apply leaving my skin feeling amazing. 
The Trevor Sorbie Frizz Free range is amazing and from that I would choose the hair mask which I love so much and again keep repurchasing and then for my runner up the tangle teezer because it means I can wash my hair in the shower without worrying about the damage.
This is a tough one, but I am going to say my MAC Cool Neutrals Palette because I love this so much and for it was such an investment and a lot of money to part with. And for my runner up I would say my MAC Face and Body I know lots of people would say these may not be investment buys as such but I think from my makeup this is what I would pick.
I have missed out the restaurant section because I literally have no idea what I would choose! But for trip out my winner is without a doubt my trip to Thailand, I know this was more of a holiday but it was one of the best experiences of my life and there will be blog posts to come on this and then my runner up is my trip to the zoo I took at the beginning of the year, I love animals so much and I know some people don't agree with zoos and I do have mixed opinions but this day was just a lovely family day out and it was last winter I think after our birthday and it was such a crisp day but really sunny.. I remember it so well!
So there you have it the round up of my favourites from my range different sections. I know I keep saying my blogging game will be improving but it really will be, I am redesigning my blog currently and that's probably why it looks a bit strange and today very excitingly I bought my camera so now all I need is a nice day to get all those photos!


  1. I read 'Before I go to sleep' when it first came out and I don't think I put it down the minute I got it! Reading 'Gone Girl' at the moment which is quite similar in style, I'm sure you'd love it!

    1. I was thinking about reading Gone Girl thanks for the recommendation! xxx


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