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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Nude Foundation

Rimmel is such a well know, well respect and reliable brand in the highstreet stores, and always a fail safe option for me. I have honestly found a bad product, yes, products which don't personally work for me or my skin type but for other people I could see them suiting them much better and working just how they were intended too. A while back I was in desperate need of a foundation, you can see the haul here where I bought multiple bottles in fear of none of them working. And as I spoke about here, this product was a bit of a surprise for me, initially I hated it but now I love it and simple cannot get enough, with it becoming my everyday fail safe foundation.
The Rimmel 25 Hour Lasting Finish foundation seems to have been around for a while, a very thick formula with a heavy coverage I can completely understand why this isn't for everyone. Rimmel then came out with this 25 Hour Lasting Finish Nude Foundation, to fix this issue aiming to still offer coverage but in a less thick, cakey kinda way. With the additions with a few slightly paler shades than the rest of their foundations, I knew this would be a hit. Described as being skin perfecting, medium coverage foundation that feels hydrating and moisturising but still with a lightweight formula. With claims of being heat, sweat, humidity and transfer proof this foundation had a lot to live up to.
I can 100% guarantee that this is much more lightweight than the original, and for day to day does not feel to heavy or like it is sitting on top of my skin. Instead in blends seamlessly, creating a flawless yet realistic base. Not leaving you looking like a doll, the moisturising qualities are ideal for me and if I'm honest anyone. Nobody wants a super drying, high coverage foundation. I do still applying copious amounts of moisturiser before, and use a damp beauty blender however I do also have very dry skin and for ages I couldn't get any foundation to sit right at all. I never knew this was possible but the foundation gives you a natural, full coverage finish which to me are complete opposites but it really does work. I am completely converted to this foundation, after a slightly rocky start and would recommend it to anyone wanting to try something new.
What's your favourite drugstore foundation? Have you tried any Rimmel foundations?



  1. My skin is extremely oil so i don't know if it would work for me. x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave | Blog Sale

  2. I used to use the Rimmel 24hr and Rimmel Match Perfection when I was younger and liked the 'cakey look' (haha, that makeup phase). But I wouldn't ever use them again unless I really really had too, I don't like them at all they're not great and cling to dry patches! I do however like the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation, not so much for coverage, but more just as a lightweight foundation which can be worn on holidays and in hot weather etc!!! I have just written a review of my favourite drugstore foundation on my blog which is actually by L'Oreal, would definitely recommend it if you were looking to ever try anymore! xx

    Katherine Rosie | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle blog

  3. I've been using this recently and absolutely love it. It's one of the few foundations that actually offers a shade light enough for me. x

    Jordan Alice

  4. I used to swear by this stuff. But I'm loving L'oreal's Infallible 24HR Foundation at the moment. Definitely my drugstore base of 2015!

    Emily x

  5. This sounds really good! I'm about to run out of my Rimmel Match Perfection and although I love it, I think i want to try something new x

    Abi | abistreetx

  6. I have extremely oily skin! I was going to try this but I hadn't heard enough about it. I do really like Maybelline for foundation though xx

    Jasmine ||


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