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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Living The (nearly) Internet Free Life

I am currently having a break from the internet, although it may not be completely voluntarily. My phone recently reached its fate, and now I am left with the brick pictured in the photo above. And to an extent I am loving it, but there is the other side of me who is completely hating it and just wants my social media, and snapchat updates back. However today we are not really going to concentrate on that half, more the I'm happy without the internet part.
I still have a laptop, so I'm technically not really taking a break from the internet completely. However it is more of a break from social media. Before with my iphone I had my social media just a tap away, constantly however now I can only access it at certain types (damn you school internet) and on my laptop, and we all know you can't post to instagram through a laptop.
Initially it made me realise how much I rely on my social media, and my phone. I was a bit lost of what to do, I couldn't just sit and having a quick instagram scroll anymore I could literally only use it for calling or texting. After a while I got used to it, not really missing it that much although I was aware that I was loosing followers, not tweeting as much as I used to and wasn't posting to instagram at all during the week.
I guess as a blogger I put a lot of pressure on myself to have a social media presence, and I'm hoping for myself the urge to want to be on social media is bigger because of my blog than the average teenager. But you see people who spend more time documenting what their doing, than enjoying what they are doing and when I return to a smart phone I am going to make a conscious effort to put it down, enjoy the moment and worry about that twitter notification later.
I haven't got my daily updates just a touch away, and I'm not missing out. You don't realise it till you don't have it, but yes it is nice to have a quick scroll through twitter and read someones latest problem or dilemma, but what does that add to that moment? Lets be honest deep down you don't really care, and what you do care about can wait.
The internet is a scary thing, its taken over our lives in a big way and will continue to as well progress more into the technological developments which I'm sure are coming our way. And while I'm a true believer in embracing it, however it doesn't need to take over. Social media can be used in such amazing ways, but don't become a slave to your phone and your followers, they don't need to be updated with your every move. They are too busy living their lives.

I really recommend you to take a break, go somewhere wifi free. You won't feel the need to check your phone, because there won't be anything there. You will then realise that living without the internet is much easier than you imagined, everything then gets put into perspective.

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  1. I am not sure I would ever survive not having internet ahhh

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


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