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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Looking After Your Hands & Feet

Skincare is spoken about a lot, and the importance of it. Just like you use special products, for your hair and your face and your body, it's important to use special products and give just as much care for your hands and feet, something which I know personally can be easily forgotten.
It is important to keep both your hands and your feet well moisturised, Soap and Glory have two great products Hand Food and Heel Genius designed to moisturise and nourish your hands and feet. Hand Food in particular is so useful to have in the small size, I believe it's the travel size as once you get into apply to hand cream you want to apply it the whole time, weirdly addictive. I like to keep a smaller one in my bag, or my car and then this bigger one on my desk or by my bed.
I may not have the nicest nails, but I am trying to grow them and take care of them. Especially my toes in preparation for summer, so I have been using this nail trio from New Look which is actually Amelia's but we have been sharing them. It contains a cuticle oil, smoothing nail foundation and 4 in 1 complete care. I have been painting all of nails with this, trying to take extra care of them and looking after my cuticles and strengthening my nails in particular. I really want to grow my nails, stop biting them and then in the summer or whenever they are long enough, I can paint them and make them look all nice after years of looking gross and bitten.
For your feet, its important that these don't get forgotten. You are so reliant on them, and although I'm not sharing tips which are going to save your feet, it is nice to pamper your feet and give them extra care, everyone wants nice looking feet! As gross as it sounds its important to remove any hard, dead skin on your feet. Especially on the bottom at the back, and on the heel- you can use a pumice stone in the bath, or this little contraption from Dirty Works which does exactly the same thing, just has a handle, this makes your feet really smooth. Then using Soap and Glory Heel Genius, this is a moisturiser designed for your feet, just like Hand Food is designed for your hands.
Just with these simple steps I have noticed such a difference, even if you can't do it often its a good thing to add into a pamper routine.

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  1. Absolutely swear by Heel Genius! Completely got me wanted to do a home foot mask & pamper when I get in from work! Summer is going to come round so quick and we'll all be wanting to show off our well polished toes in pretty sandals!

    -Honestly, Soph.


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