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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Why now is the time to start working on your #SummerBod

Fast forward a few months to June July time and everyone will be going mad, hitting the gym, drinking smoothies, cutting carbs in order to prepare their ultimate summer bod. However the truth is, we all need to start now- unless of course your working for the year after! Especially if your someone like me, who isn't exactly in the best shape to start with.
Make A Plan & Set A Goal | You need something to work towards, maybe your going on holiday, maybe you have a party or a big occasion or perhaps by summer you want to be a certain size or weight. Make it as realistic as possible, it needs to be achievable with work but still needs to be a goal. You can't expect to loose 2 stone in 2 week, it just doesn't work like that work on more of a long term basis, then set smaller goals for along the way.

Take Things Slow | Work hard, make an effort however don't suddenly start convincing yourself your going to be in the gym twice a day everyday and you won't ever eat carbs, all your going to eat is smoothies and drink water. If you want this to stick it needs to be a lifestyle change, therefore needs to be changed slowly and an actual lifestyle change. Start small, maybe aim to go to the gym twice or three times a week, cut down on the carbs and increase the healthy food intake and increase your water consumption each day. Take the stairs instead of the elevator etc.

Get An App | A personal trainer is expensive, but if your a workout newbie how do you know what to do? I have an app called Sworkit which I love, you can choose the length of workouts and they talk you through it, you can also focus on specific areas and the best bit you don't need to be in a gym to do it. Anytime you have you can do a workout, at home, no equipment needed and if you have a slight phobia of the gym like me this will be ideal. Plus, its free!

Cut The Crap | Get rid of the junk food, I heard this thing on the radio saying a key to weightless is cut out things you eat with your fingers. Sounds weird right? However once I had thought about it for a while I realised what they were getting out, things like crisps, sweets, biscuits, snacks you pick up and eat with your fingers need to stop. Not a statement you should take too seriously, however its something to think about.

2016 is the year that I get fit, I've set my goals, I've got the app, I've made a plan so expect loads more posts and content to come.


  1. AHHHH I've been wanting to get my body ready for Summer lol it's in middle of Summer and I still haven't - just can't motivate myself

    Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I've got all my healthy shopping and new trainers ready to begin. Healthy, summer body here we come

  3. It really is true, now's the time to start getting ready for summer! By the time we start really thinking about it, it's just too late. Better to stay in shape and healthy all year round!

    Via Sora

  4. However much I don't want to accept it, you're right - let's do this! x Rebecca -


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