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Thursday, 3 March 2016

An Alternative and Last Minute Mother's Day Gift

If you are a regular reader of O is for Ottilie and read this post you will know that Mother's Day is this Sunday. Regardless of if you read the post or not, you may have forgotten or simply not of been aware at all and are not panicking for a last minute gift. Card Nest is a company which offers a monthly subscription where you receive a collection of beautiful cards each month. A slightly alternative, but amazing idea for an on going gift for your Mum this Mother's Day.
Card Nest is a subscription service, similar to any of the beauty boxes out there but instead of beauty you get a selection of three cards each month. They are suited to a variety of occasions and are beautifully designed. Although some people think writing is going out of fashion, it is always useful to have a few cards stored up in case of a birthday or special event. You are also given the option of being able to include three first class stamps at the same cost as they would be from the post office, just to make sure your never caught short when wanting to send a card or two.
Usually costing £7.50 a month, you can also get 20% off gifts up until 6th March meaning that three months worth is only £18.
A bit of a different idea, but one which I feel would be so useful and a lovely treat each month.


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