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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Luxury Coloured Core Business Cards

First impressions always count. As my blog has grown, I have wanted to share it with people and talk about it more (cheeky self promo here and there). You want people to remember your blog, to check it out when they get home and along with the fact that my name is quite tricky to spell, most people would need to write it down, otherwise there is no chance they would find it once they get the chance. This is where a set of business cards come in handy, something to give them to keep which will jog their memory later on, with the added bonus of all the information they need being right in front of them. However there are so many business cards out there, and people trying to be different making your business cards stand out, without being anything to wild or inconvenient may seem challenging- oddly shaped business cards will always be going in the bin.  Aura Print have designed these coloured core business cards, the perfect classy minimal way to get yourself noticed.

These luxury business cards have the option of being printed in colour, or black and white on high quality card in whatever design you wish. The team are even able to design you a professional business card if you wish. With my design I wanted something simple, which reflected the look of my blog and of course included my logo. I managed to get both logos included, (don't ask why I have two!) and of course all the basic information of contact details, social media and blog address most importantly.
The thing which makes these business cards so different, and much better quality is the coloured strip through the middle. With a wide range of colours to choose from, your sure to find one which reflects yourself and your blog. These business cards are heavyweight, and have a certain amount of thickness to them which makes them feel so high end and of a much higher quality than your average business cards.
If your looking to take your blog to the next step, leave a positive memorable impression investing in some business cards is a very good step in that direction. Check out Aura Print, for high quality business cards with a difference.

Do you have any business cards for your blog?


  1. I love the look of these! I don't have business cards as I rarely get to go to events but I really like this aesthetic xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. I haven't had many chances to give them out yet, but hopefully in the future xx

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