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Monday, 28 March 2016

Threads Lashes & Brow Pencils

Eyelashes used to completely terrify me, however since mastering the art of applying them I am full of love for them and literally want to wear them everyday. Despite my new found love of lashes I don't actually own all that many. Threads is a new brand coming to the UK which is available online and in store at Harvey Nichols.

Not only do they do eyelashes but they also do brow pencils which I have also got my hands on to give a go and share with you guys.
I have two pairs of lashes, both which retail at £9. I love how lightweight they are, and the glue they come with is amazing and dries completely clear which of course is essential with lash glue. They have a very thin, flexible lash band which makes the lashes very easy to apply and comfortable to wear. The fuller, more dramatic lashes are in the style Emilio and the more wearable style is Be-Bop I believe.
The brow pencil retails for £15, a lovely brown shade however it is quite warm which I personally don't like as much but in terms of formula the pencil is amazing, not to soft but also not too hard and scratchy. It's really easy to work through the brow, distributing product evenly. This brow pencil also comes with a spooly on the end, to help to distribute the colour through your brows.

I cannot wait to try a couple more of these lashes, and perhaps give the brow product a go in another shade which is better suited to me.
Have you seen these lashes about? What is your favourite lash brand?


  1. Love the look of this brand! Can't wait to give them a try!



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