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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Easter Bath Time with Lush

 By now you would be aware of my recent obsession with Lush, so when the Easter collection was released it was even more of a reason for me to make another order even though I am still making my way through my current collection. I decided to go for just bath bombs, to be honest there wasn't much reasoning behind this but these were the things which jumped out to me. However there are loads more products in this range, as well as all their other products on the website.

Fluffy Egg is the first bath bomb I picked up, this costs £2.95 which is one of the slightly cheaper bath bombs. From the website I am getting the impression that it smells like their famous Snow Fairy scent but I have never tried this so can't compare. It smells really sweet and I am guessing from the colour that it will turn my bath a lovely pink colour.
Hoppity Poppity another really cheap bath bomb at £2.50, as you can see its a cute little white rabbit with pink features. From what I have heard people seem to love this so I am so excited to give it a go. I feel like this is slightly more herby and earthy compared to the fluffy egg. It looks so cute and I can't wait to give this one a go.
Now the last two are both Immaculate Eggception one in Yellow and one in Pink, these cost £6.95 which I know seems like a lot, however you get at least three baths from these and look how big they are! Never imagined that they would be this big. You crack it in half and then inside is another bath bomb, if you dived it by three its actually the best value for money. They have quite a sweet scent, but I love that and I am sure these will be amazing in the bath plus I can't wait to find out whats inside!
Have you tried any of these Easter bath bombs from Lush? What are your favourite Lush Products?

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