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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

New For Sunkissed- Rapid Tan

 Sunkissed are releasing a new tanning product, and its even better than the tans before it! As a tanning fan, I jumped at the opportunity to try this before its released into the shops. The idea of a rapid tan which only takes an hour to develop seems like the perfect product for me, making tanning less of a chore and results just an hour.

 Sunkissed Rapid Tan* is a lightweight formula mousse which develops in an hour. Perfect for anybody who leaves everything to the last minute, or like me hates having to leave tan on overnight before washing it off. The quicker I can get my tan done the better, and this is why this tan is perfect for. It has a mousse formula, with a guide colour which is quite dark so don't panic when you originally apply it, I use a Sunkissed Mitt to apply this and it was so easy. Blended really well, didn't streak and also dried quickly meaning that I could get dressed and carry on doing things for an hour or so. You can leave this on for more than an hour and I believe if you leave it on for longer it will develop more, however I don't know how dark it would develop in the end. I love the colour and the smell, oh my the smell its the best yet, really not too strong but with a nice scent! I washed mine after one hour and it looked great, not too dark or unnatural and not streaky. Honestly using this tan has made tanning so much easier, and I am loving using it at the moment.
Have you tried this tan? What's your favourite Tan?


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