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Sunday, 22 March 2015

10 Things...To Do This Sunday

I am actually loving these 10 things posts, I am going to be doing a lot more, covering a lot of different topics. So let me know if there is anything specific you would like me to cover. Today is Sunday, obviously, so Happy Sunday to you! Sunday is one of those days which I always seem to get nothing done on, with my excuse being that it's the day of rest and therefore I too should be resting (Mummy Sandford doesn't find that all too amusing). Recently though I have been trying to make the most of the weekends and get the most out of them, making them more productive as well as relaxing. So here are 10 things for you to do this Sunday...

1. Don't over lie in. Over lie in?? You might be thinking that isn't possible but trust me it is. I am a huge fan of my bed, I love to lounge around in bed scrolling through social media, catching up with blog posts and watching some YouTubers. But everybody gets to that stage when they have refreshed their instagram feed for the third time in ten minutes and still no new posts. This is when you need to get up, your wide awake, completely caught up on the social media world and now just wasting away time. Make this Sunday a productive one.

2. Wash those makeup brushes. Unless you particularly wild and have planned a Sunday night out, you probably won't be needing your makeup brushes for the rest of the day. I usually don't wear makeup on a Sunday unless I have something special planned. But once your finished with your brushes give them a wash, leave them to dry and then come Monday morning and you have a complete set of clean brushes.

3. Have a bath. I know you may be thinking that this isn't the most productive thing to be doing, but although you want to be getting things done Sunday is the perfect day to do some relaxing. Having a bath is a Sunday night ritual for me. Allow yourself enough time to have a nice long relaxing bath in the evening, after you day of productiveness. Grab a lush bath bomb, if your bathroom is conveniently laid out maybe you can set up your laptop with a new episode of your favourite series, and relaxx.

4. Go for a walk. Take your dog, if you have one and have a nice ramble through the countryside. Or round a park, city where ever. Take in some fresh air, get some exercise and make the most of the beautiful world we live in. This is something I really should do more weekends, or at least make more time for.

5. Blog Photos, obviously this only applies to all you bloggers out there. However I always bulk take photos on the weekend because I don't have time to do it during the week. If its nice weather today then get your camera out and start snapping.

6. Have a sort out. Its coming to spring, sort of so it may be time for a spring clean- what I mean by this is just chucking out anything you don't need and having a general sort of your room. This is something which I am going to be doing a lot. I want to declutter, clear some space and generally stop hoarding useless things. Tackling your whole room at once may seem like a mission, so maybe just choose an area or an item of furniture to sort.

7. Plan ahead, I am so bad at this. I am such a last minute type of gal, soon to change though. Plan what you have coming up planned in the next week, is there anything you need to organise before a certain day, what do you have due in. Or if your a blogger, what posts have you got going up next week, do you have all the photos taken and what do you have left to take. And even though you may not to get everything perfectly organised before the week begins you know what you need to get done during the week.

8. Catch up, you know all those blogs you've been meaning to read all week? The weekend is the perfect time to catch up with them all. I love having a massive catch up of all my favourite blogs as well as any youtube videos I have been meaning to watch.

9. Cook something new, make a meal that you have never cooked before and always wanted to try or just bake a cake. Something nice to treat yourself with.

10. And if all else fails, Sunday is the perfect day for some online shopping. I love having a browse, filling endless baskets of items which I would love to buy if only I had the money...

What are you doing this Sunday? 


  1. what a great post! I always over lie-in. At this moment it's 9.39 AM and my alarm went off at 9.00 AM. My post is going up at 10.00 AM so I'm probably going to lie here for another half hour. :) :) :)

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

  2. Love these type of posts - Sadly all I'm doing with my Sunday is working! :( x

  3. I love sundays! Sundays are the days that I plan to get things done, whether its uni work or cleaning or something, but I also usually end up spending all morning in bed on twitter or instagram... maybe I need to get up a bit earlier so I don't feel stressed about all the things I haven't done come Sunday evening :P

    1. Wow your so productive with your Sundays! xx

  4. Such a lovely post! I always need inspiration for a Sunday! :)
    For some reason I just got up from my over lie in ;) and cleaned my bathroom. I don't even know why... Just cleaning.. casually.... haha
    Hope you had a great day!
    xx, Miriam

  5. Great post but the only thing I enjoy on a weekend is a good lie in haha

    1. Same, but sometimes I try and be a bit more productive xx


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