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Monday, 9 March 2015

MAC Diva Lipstick

 Say hello, to my new favourite lipstick. MAC Diva is just, wow. Look at it- to me that's perfection in a lipstick right there. Dark lips are my thing, I can't be doing with all these pinks. It's either nude or dark vampy lips, there is no in between.

 MAC Diva is a dark vampy red shade, not so dark that its completely unwearable but dark enough. I think you could rock this during the day as well as the night. It has a matte finish, and as a result super pigmented- one swipe and boom its opaque. I don't find it drying as long as you have prepared your lipsticks before hand. Matte lipsticks aren't the best idea if you have dry lips, so its a good idea to make sure you moisturise them before hand and ensure you exfoliate them once in a while. I didn't actually wear this lipstick with a lip liner, but you may prefer to. The only reason which I haven't worn one is because I don't have one currently- so if you have any suggestions let me know. The colour lasts for ages on my lips, and doesn't transfer either because its matte it just seems to set into place and then sticks there. I absolutely love this lipstick, and am quite sad its turning into spring when I won't be able to wear it quite as much but I'm sure I will wear it at every opportunity given.
Have you tried this lipstick, if you have do you have any lip liner recommendations?



  1. This colour is just gorgeous, I'm obsessed with shades like this! I haven't tried this lipstick yet, but heard so many good feedback about it x

  2. I love this lipstick so much! It was a recent purchase of mine and I pair it with the Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in 057 Ravish, they really make a great couple. Thanks for writing such a great post!

    Shannon xo |

  3. Wow I am so tempted to get this- beautiful! x

  4. I pair mine with a Barry M lip liner in number 7 its the perfect match I wrote a review on my blog :)

  5. In love with this colour! Definitely need to purchase it!

    Katie -

  6. Oooo this colour looks lovely!! It has been on my shopping list for ages! Gonna need to buy it asap!! Great post! Xxx

    Anisha ♥ All You Need Is Red Lipstick

  7. I've wanted this for so long but keep putting it off, you may have just rekindled my desire to buy this!

    Catherine xx

  8. That colour is gorgeous! definitely one for the wishlist x


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