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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Live Love London Blush & Light Palette

BHS have a new in store makeup range called Live Love London, I have been lucky enough to receive two of their new range to try out. The first one being this beautiful Blush & Light Palette. I naturally have quite pink cheeks, so I used to completely shy away from blush preferring to stick with bronzer for the only colour added to my cheeks however now I have started to add a bit of blush here and there into my makeup. Used in moderation I can get it too work, and it now means I have a completely new area of makeup to explore and experiment with.

Housed in packaging similar to Makeup Revolution the Blush and Light Palette*, has simple black casing and a huge mirror the full size of the palette in the lid, and then brighter outer packaging. You get six generous sized pans, which cover a range of shades. There are four matte and two shimmer shades. On the top row you have a muted dusty brown shade with a pink undertone, then a coral shade. On the end of the top row you have a very light shimmery pink toned shade which is almost more of a highlighter than a blush shade. Onto the bottom row on the left you have a muted pink shade, and then next too it a slightly brighter darker shade which does look a little bit scary but used in moderation this is very easy to use. Finally there is a shimmery pink shade, which is very bright however when applied to the skin leaves a lovely diffused sheen with the pink undertone so almost a cross between blush and highlight.

The pigments are buildable, something which I love. On the first application its quite hard to go majorly overboard because they aren't ridiculously pigmented, but nobody wants that in a blush- especially not me and my red cheeks. However they can be easily built up, to a stronger bolder shade.  The shades are really blendable, and are all such a lovely formula. This palette retails for £9 which for six blush shades is amazing value for money, and from looking at other reviews and at the other products online the price point seems very good value for money and affordable across the whole range.

Live Love London also have a bronze and light palette which seems more of my kind of thing so I will look out of that next time I'm near a BHS. They also have a contour palette, single blushes, lip glosses and eyeshadow palettes as well as much more I'm sure. I can't wait to try more of this brand, and they are something which I will be looking to add more of too my collection in the near future.

If your ever near a BHS make sure you pop in to check out the entire range.


  1. I love how high street shops have started to do makeup over the years like New Look, Topshop and Primark! The packaging reminds me of Makeup Revolution too but also of the Benefit box of blushes. I love the look of the top left shade as it looks very multifunctional for blush and possibly a subtle contour. I will definitely have a look at this makeup range next time I'm passing a BHS!

    Ruby xoxo

  2. I've never heard about this brand! This looks like a gorgeous palette, need to go hunt that one down!

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

  3. These actually look so pretty! Didn't expect it from BHS at all. £9 isn't bad either for that. Fab post. Gweni xxx


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