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Saturday, 16 April 2016

#OTGetsFit Is Back

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So it all went a bit quite on the fitness front, however its back and this time for real. I've joined a gym. Yes, you did read that right I am a soon to be gyming goddess. Admittedly I have actually step foot inside this gym as of yet, however I had my induction on Friday  and then my first free personal training session on Sunday- the gym offers three free sessions when you sign up so I thought I'd make the most of that.

I am very anxious, the gym does make me anxious. All those fit, athletic people jogging, lifting, exercising I feel very out of place because I am the hot sweaty mess in the corner puffing away on a running machine. However, I have conveniently chosen a gym where fingers crossed I won't know anyone and therefore they can judge me all I want, but at least I am doing something!

Of course we all know that joining a gym goes hand in hand with buying new gym wear, so keep an eye out for a gym wear haul sometime soon as I don't feel like one pair of leggings is going to keep me covered if I am going to get really stuck into this whole gym thing.

So what's the plan you may be thinking, theres not point having a gym membership if your not going to use it. So for the next five weeks I will be using the gym on the weekends, when I am at home and I am hoping to attend a class on Sunday mornings, and then when study leave begins Mondays and Thursdays. As well as some other sessions throughout the week, I may make myself more of a structured plan as the weeks go on and see what suits me best.

I will keep you updated and start doing more structured posts on this, with tips and tricks and things that I have learnt. But for now have a look at all this gym wear I've picked out- I feel like I could end up owning a lot of these pieces over the next few months.


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  1. I've been trying to exercise more regularly too, it's been around a month and it's going pretty well. But I get what you mean about scary fitness people at the gym though, I always feel so self conscious.

    YIGE a blog


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