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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Pop of Pink

Pink is not a colour I often wear, especially not in my makeup routine but now the weather is warming up, the sun is sort of making an appearance and its beginning to feel a bit like spring. What better time to add that little splash of pink into your makeup collection, just in time for Summer.
There is no simpler way to add that pop of pink into your makeup routine, than with a swipe of pink lipstick. Despite owning a lot of pink lipsticks, I rarely wear them. However they really can take a simple day to day makeup look and pull it all together as well as adding some colour. If you usually prefer red lipsticks, go to a more red toned pink. If nude lips are more of your thing go for a paler nude pink. I love Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss for a more subtle pink lips. Kat Von D Halo is the perfect bright pink, Marc Jacobs So Sofia is very bright however can be blotted out to leave a softer colour on the lips. If liquid lipsticks are more of your thing Rimmel Stella is a very bright, bold, glossy pink.

Pink eyeliner may be way too bold for your liking, however it can be easy to include. Perhaps doing a dual liner, where you first off do your usual eyeliner with the pink, and then go over the top with a slightly thinner line of black. You can also work the pink eyeshadow without looking like you have some dodgy eye disease. The Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold is a lovely all over shade and can be used as a base also, with some brown tones through the crease.

Lastly and probably most obviously, blusher. This Live Love London Palette from BHS is the perfect way to get that pop of pink on your cheeks, with a variety of shades from more wearable and lighter shades to the bright pinks however all of them are easy to work with.

I would love to know how you add some pink into your Spring makeup.


  1. The BHS palette is gorgeous! I have an eye shadow palette which I love!
    Emmy | Emmys Beauty Cave | Bloglovin

  2. love the picture! I'm just making my way from my favourite red lipsticks to something else and for now I only have one fuchsia lipliner but I love the look so much and I'm not gonna stop :)

  3. The Marc Jacobs Lipstick looks really pretty. I wonder how does it look on the lips?

  4. I love pink! I have been wearing pink lipsticks for quite some time now and I love them! Yayyyy for spring! :)


  5. Pink liner sounds interesting, I would wear it on my lower lash line for sure. I'm all about pinky blush on spring, I think that's what really gets me in the springy mood :)

    | |

  6. I'm trying to incorporate some pink into my makeup for spring too. That BHS palette looks beautiful and way more expensive than it is. Pink gold is one of favourite color tattoos. And the Kat v d lipsticks looks lovely :) xx

    LPage Beauty

  7. I do wish I could wear more pink, I find my cheeks are quite red as it is and I hate it so wearing pink blush makes it worse! Xx

  8. I love pink blush and pink lips for the spring/summer and nails too xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  9. I love pink lips and nails for spring and summer but never tried pink liner. Great post :)
    Sharon xx


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