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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Kate Spade Cedar Street Bag Review

After realising designer shoes were not something which I could collect, I decided that Handbags would be a great alternative. Currently my collection consist of one beautiful bag, however in the future I do hope to invest in more. The Kate Spade Cedar Street is a bag which I chose as my 18th present, I really had no idea what to go for my birthday but then my mum suggested a bag and since I was in New York I thought Kate Spade would be the perfect place to get my bag from.

On a side note if you ever get the chance to go into a Kate Spade store, do it. One of the most beautiful, picturesque shops I've been to. The ladies were so lovely and once I explained it was for my 18th they were so willing to help, getting me loads of bags down to try, recommending them and helping me come to my final decision.

No joke I had most of the shop on the floor around me, and finally decided on the Cedar Street style because of how simple and timeless it is. The colour was a whole other issue, but I finally decided on the Mulled Wine shade which is this beautiful burgundy shade. My initial worry was that it may be very autumn/ winter appropriate, and to be fair its not the most spring like shade but paired with a summery outfit it looks absolutely fine.

I wanted a bag that I could use regularly, but is still special. Adding a designer bag to an outfit often adds that touch of class, and can make an outfit look more expensive with the addition of a designer outfit. The size is ideal for a everyday bag, big enough to carry the essentials but limits you to just the essential. My most important items are my purse naturally, headphones, keys, phone and then my little pouch of all the junk you usually find floating around in the bottom on your bag. I can also fit my big camera in here too when going to blogging events etc.

The Kate Spade Cedar Street bag also has a long attachable strap, which means you can still use the bag on days when you may need to have your hands free. The gold hardware is a touch which I love, despite being more of a silver wearer I prefer how gold hardware looks and of course the well known kate spade logo. The inside is a simple nude colour, with a subtle spade and spot pattern nothing to offensive or obvious. It has two side pockets, ideal for a phone or business cards and one zip pocket of a good size. 

Kate Spade offer a huge variety of bags, and a variety of prices making it ideal for that first designer bag purchase as they are at the lower end of the spectrum. I have my eyes on quite a few more which I would happy add to my collection.

Do you own any designer bags? What do you have your eye on?


  1. I am currently saving up to invest in my first designer bag and this is one of the ones i've been considering! Thanks for such a great review it was really helpful!

    Love Em xxx

  2. Love the bag! Stunning x

  3. I love Kate Spade. I have a makeup bag from her & adore it :) x


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