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Thursday, 7 April 2016

iWhite 2 Teeth Whitening Kit Review

As a result of my love of tea my teeth, over the years despite a lot of care have started to become tinted and discoloured.  I have looked into multiple different ways of teeth whitening, however I was concerned of damaging my teeth so have been really careful with choosing what to try. iWhite are a brand which I have seen advertised quite a lot and have been trying out their iWhite 2 Instant Teeth Whitening* claimed to provide instant results, and without damage to your teeth.

You are provided with prefilled trays which you wear for twenty minutes up too five days consecutively or whenever you feel necessary. The trays are one size fits all, which I was quite concerned about especially when I first opened it and thought that they were way too small, but trust me they're not and they fitted comfortably onto my teeth.
I have not felt any sensitivity from using these, and want to continue to use them to try and get my teeth whiter, turns out they were more strained than I had initially imagined. I would say the results are instant with this, but personally I need to use them on consecutive days to really get rid of the staining which I have. Now my teeth haven't been left bright white, but they look less stained and have got lighter, however I feel like I will need to continue to this and perhaps top it up to make sure that my teeth remain lighter and hopefully I can continue to lighten them in the future.
The thing that really makes me love this is they do not harm your teeth, in fact they strengthen your teeth and restore enamel on the tooth, so a win win with better and whiter teeth.

Have you ever tried teeth whitening, what would you recommend?


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  1. nice write up. Homemade turmeric and coconut oill paste whitens teeth like anything. teeth whitening tips


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